Integrity, one is watching. It is the

Integrity, for me, is believing and doing right by the standards and principle of the community, even when no one is watching. It is the quality that was inculcated in me by my family right my childhood. It is something that has always helped to excel in my academic life as well as in my professional career, and I strive to uphold integrity in all my future actions. Integrity in different spheres can hold different meanings and parameters. In academic, for a student, it could mean refraining from cheating and plagiarism. In personal life, it could mean not lying and speaking truth to your friends and family. In professional sphere, integrity is most important as it the means of building trust. You get many chances to falsify, manipulate or fabricate data, which could help you to have immediate gains, and that makes upholding integrity very challenging. However, in long shot, failing to maintain a high level of integrity is a lost game; you might lose the trust of your colleagues, seniors, juniors and everyone you have been in contact with. Having integrity means that others can trust you. I believe trust is one of the key characteristics of a successful leader. People trust you when they know that you believe in doing right.Purdue as an institute is striving to create future leaders, and integrity should be the core value in every member of its community. Purdue should expect its students to demonstrate academic honesty, ethics and honor the code of conduct. Students should adhere to these standards and be honest, fair and trustworthy.  Students should refrain from any cheating activity, plagiarism, fabrication or any other activity, which compromises the integrity of the community.Upon violation of academic integrity by a student, the Purdue community should take necessary action to identify the cause of such act. If the reason for violation is unintentional or due to unfortunate circumstances, then the community should bestow him or her with another chance and guide the student to get on right track. But if intentional any student violates the integrity, the Purdue community should take strict disciplinary actions.