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In the article “One Picture is Worth a Thousand Diets, Charisse Goodman makes a point on how the present society oppresses heavy set ladies. Readers may feel that Goodman’s tone in this article might be furious or unforgiving. They also may find it weird that she is an overweight lady herself. A few readers may feel Goodman’s article is a compelling contention since it is difficult to deny that the dominant part of people we see on the introduction page of magazines or the lead female part of a motion picture are thin. Goodman makes great focuses about how the vast majority of us long to be more slender. The thinking is on the grounds that most films we watch or magazines we read are loaded with excellent and super thin woman. As a result, this causes us to believe that women should be viewed as incomparable. This article inspects how overweight ladies are depicted in a negative light in the media, exclusively as a result of their weight. Additionally, it demonstrates that women of all sizes are portrayed by their weight and appearance, however men are depicted by their identities. All throughout this article huge amounts of illustrations were given from broad communication sources, which basically recommend these frightful assessments. Such cases were pulled from TV, motion pictures, magazines, advertisements, and daily papers. Extensive numbers in each of these depicted the view “where the only valuable woman is a thin woman, while big woman function primarily shrewish, silly, asexual mommy figures or cheap jokes.” This is the annoying reality that woman need to confront each day. Plus it calls attention to the fact that a ladies appearance is by and large more vital to a man than her identity. Men in the media are normally shown as positive, with no attention on their weight or appearance. Goodman stated that, “The male-dominated film industry never misses an opportunity to remind us that men should always be loved for themselves.” Goodman’s article continues to rant about the generalizations against overweight woman in the present society despite the fact that some may feel her article is exceptionally stubborn. It is also very genuine. Some may feel she is energetic about this point and is endeavoring to open the eyes of others that don’t see the genuine offensiveness of an obese woman.