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In some countries around the world freedom of speech is not permitted and could face criminal punishment in their country. However, in the United States this is not the case. Anyone is allowed to say whatever they want and whenever they want. This has been said in the Bill of Rights and it is the first amendment to the constitution. Some schools and colleges have rules saying they can not say certain words because it offends people which sometimes goes against the first amendment, but it is there to prevent people from getting offended  by some people’s opinions. Sam Houston State University has a policy about freedom of speech saying that students and faculty have freedom of what they want to say. Sam Houston State allows freedom of speech policy which allows people to speak freely because it lets people form opinions about what is going on in the world around them. It also helps promote people listening to other people’s opinions, even when sometimes they do not agree with what they are saying. This can be helpful to students because as students go through college they are constantly learning about themselves and it is impossible to know what to believe without listening to both sides of the agreement. Most people form their political opinions about the country from their parents. When people go to college it is their first time being away from home and they do not get to hear their parents say the things that they want their child believe in. It is important for a University like Sam Houston State to have a free speech policy letting people speak freely, so people can hear things that they would not normally hear when they are at home. Being able to speak freely at Sam Houston State is also helpful because this is the first time that some people are surrounded by thousands of other people that come from thousands of different backgrounds. When everyone has a different background and they come together and talk about some of the social issues that are going on today, it helps because people can hear things from people who do not always come from the same situations that they came from. This helps diversity unify in a way. Being able to speak freely about anything that is going on in the world at a university is also helpful when it comes to compromise. When growing up at home people tend to grow up with similar backgrounds because of the type of city or town that they were living in. This makes it easier to compromise on things because everyone in one town are fairly similar, but if people from hundreds maybe even thousands of cities come together to one university everyone is different. Which means people views will be farther and farther apart and it makes is harder to compromise on things. It also causes people to compromise on things that they never thought that they would have to compromise about. After students graduate college and go out into the real world and get jobs they are going to be forced with making compromises with people in the workplace. When a university’s main purpose is to prepare students with their careers after college, it is also important for a university to prepare their students for life outside of working as well. Sam Houston State helps with this by giving students the right to freedom of speech. Although the free speech policy does give the students of Sam Houston State the freedom to speak their minds. There was a incident where a faculty member of the university got offended by someone’s comments about president Obama. According to The Fire, a website made to give reviews on freedom of speech policies at all universities. They reported an incident where a professor got offended because a student wrote on a wall made to let people freely express themselves about social issues publicly, “fuck Obama.” The professor then reported his issue to the University Police and said that the students either needed to remove the comment or take down the entire wall. The students did not want to remove the comment and they then decided to take down the wall completely. The professor said he was not offended by what the comment was trying to say, he was offended by the use of profanity on the wall. This shows that even though that it is not written anywhere some words can not be used on campus. Although Sam Houston State has a freedom of speech policy allowing people to speak freely about their opinions. Nothing is truly free when it comes to speaking about your opinions about social issues, but it is important to talk about some issues in this world. Everyone is different and everyone comes from different places it is important to talk about things that are affecting you to other people so that everyone can help and make this world a better place to live in.