Importance of Travelling Essay

People have always liked to travel. From the beginning, humans have been interested in expanding their territory or explore new places. It’s in our blood, in the stone-age cavemen tended to kill each other for the land, or later, there were the great explorers such as Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus or Vasco De Gamma who almost travel the world. But for us, everyday people, it could just mean a way to break the monotony of life and work.

Travelling is a tool, and the purpose of this tool are different for different people. First and foremost, it’s definitely the most efficient way to get away from daily routine. Life is a mad rush sometimes and we tend to forget who we are, what we really want, or what makes us really happy. Seeing new places, breathing “new” air help us to clear our head, calm down and think it over again. It can heal our mental or physical problems. It’s also important occasionally to change your environment.

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For instance, if you live in a plain, you should go to the mountains. Visiting a thermal bath is good for rheumatic diseases. But there are a lot of other things that are worth travelling to. Exploring new cultures are educational, we can learn if we get in touch with other people who are not like us. Being part of a whole new society is something you can learn from. Go through their customs, their habits helps you to broaden your mind, see the world a little differently.

Schools often organise field-trips as far as observing nature or art is more deeper then read about them. In fact, first-hand experience is much more instructive and not as informative. All things considered travelling is for people who want to see things differently. It has great educative, informative, instructive or social values. It widens people’s mental horizon, improves health, adds thrill and relaxation to life, dispels boredom and makes different races closer to each other.