Importance of Internet Essay

The information age, also commonly known as the computer age or information era, is an idea that the current age will be characterized by the ability of individuals to transfer information freely, and to have instant access to knowledge that would have been difficult or impossible to find previously. The idea is linked to the concept of a digital age or digital revolution, and carries the ramifications of a shift from traditionalindustry that the industrial revolution brought through industrialization, to an economy based on the manipulation of information.

The information age formed by capitalizing on the computer microminiaturization advances, with a transition spanning from the advent of thepersonal computer in the late 1970s to the internet reaching a critical mass in the early 1990s, and the adoption of such technology by the public in the two decades after 1990.

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The Information Age has allowed rapid global communications and networking to shape modern societ The Internet was conceived as a fail-proof network that could connect computers together and be resistant to any one point of failure; the Internet cannot be totally destroyed in one event, and if large areas are disabled, the information is easily rerouted. It was created mainly by DARPA; its initial software applications were e-mail and computer file transfer.

Though the Internet itself has existed since 1969, it was with the invention of the World Wide Web in 1989 by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee and its implementation in 1991 that the Internet truly became a global network. Today the Internet has become the ultimate platform for accelerating the flow of information and is, today, the fastest-growing form of media, and is pushing many, if not most, other forms of media into obsolescence.

Computers and internet came in our life with many comforts in different aspects of life. Let me tell you importance of computer in our life first. Before computer there was many problems related to different things. For example, you have to store information on papers, and it was very difficult for storing thousand of papers. But on computer you can store information with lots of ease and you can manage those with comfort.

It was very difficult for a person to store thousands of papers with this guarantee that no one can read this while you can protect your documents on computer. When computer was not indulged in our life then we were used to play video games in market though there were other video games available on Atari, Sega, which we can play in our homes by connecting these machines with computer but quality of these games was not good and many people were not able to buy these expensive game machines.

Before computer, we were performing many tasks on different machinesand there was not a single machine which can do all tasks for us for example, we had to buy Cassette Player for listening songs on cassette, We had to buy VCR for watching any movie, we had to buy a type writer to write something on paper, we had to watch Different channels on TV but now you can watch on a monitor by using TV device, but now we can do all these tasks and many more on a computer. Now come to the importance of internet in our life.

Before internet, it was very difficult for a person to get information about a particular thing. Suppose you want to get information about different plants and their advantages and you don’t use internet. Then definitely you will buy books about plants and read all those books but it will take lot of money to buy many books and it will be time consuming for you to search books. Even you will find many books but you will be not sure which books are on the top list.


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