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If you’re on a tight budget and have been spending a lot on your motorbike maintenance, it is time to give it some extra attention, rather than just paying the service centre bills. A mere save of Rs.330 per month can get you a yearly budget of Rs.4000 for the maintenance, which is plenty, if you ride and keep your bike well. Even if you take your bike for servicing in every three months, you’re still fine as you’d have Rs.1000 for each one of them. Clean it:Using it as an opportunity to detect issues, the simple act of washing your bike can help you detect components that need extra care or need a complete replacement. This routine act keeps you informed about your bike so you can act upon the issue immediately rather than them being detected late and extending the damage to other components as well. Check the liquids: Engine oil and coolant are the most important liquids in the Bike and are capable of making or breaking your bike. It is recommended that you keep a check on the engine oil levels at regular intervals and invest in a superior engine oil. Something like a Castrol POWER1 engine oil would be a great option for you if you are someone who goes for road trips frequently or even if you are a heavy city commuter. Keeping the engine well lubricated, Castrol POWER1 engine oil minimises friction and stress levels on the engine, thus maximizing performance and helps save fuel. Tyres: Tyre punctures and fractures can cost you a lot of money if they occur frequently. Tyres are one of the most ignored components of the bike. To save up on the extra spends, make sure the tyre pressure is correct. An under or an over inflated tyre as it directly affects the handling, braking and economy of the bike. If you see cracks developing on the walls of your tyre, consider replacing it as it may affect performance of other components.  Everything else:Along with the above mentioned, make sure you check the air filter, spark plugs, clutch and the chain tension on your next visit to the local mechanic or the service centre. The settled dust or lack of enough lubrication can affect the performance adversely and might cause wear and tear. It obviously is a better option to get these components cleaned and lubricated within your budget, rather than going for complete replacement later on.Tags: