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I am Kavitha Mc, Assistant Vice President in Equity Synthesis Swap(ESS) team at Deutsche Bank. I am pleased to write this letter of Recommendation for Pooja Jaiswal, who is applying for master’s Degree in Computer Science at your esteemed university. I have known Pooja for the last 3 years. Pooja has worked on ESS with great contributions towards the design and implementation of real-time stream processing distributed systems and feature selection research for design patterns and algorithms. Her contributions hold a lot of value in the multiple modules of the ESS. This demonstrates her ability in handling multiple modules simultaneously, with an eye of minutest of details. Her ability to deliver accurate outputs despite stringent deadlines has earned her all-round appreciation.

The most striking thing about Pooja is her thirst for learning and constantly improving herself. This has led her to explore the avenues that had been unknown to her. For instance, when I first met Pooja, she was a passionate young girl who was eager to leave a mark in the domain of Computer Science. Eventually, she explored new perspectives, which helped her gain a lot of knowledge and turn this newly acquired perspective into innovation. This proficiency with Design Patterns and algorithms has contributed immensely to project successes.

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I believe her confidence in dealing diverse projects and her strong technical knowledge makes her on par with other experienced engineers. In fact, Pooja’s debugging skills and problem-solving skills have saved the day on more than one occasion. A programming language is just a tool to solve problems but is still a good measure to judge if someone is passionate and hardworking. Pooja ended up learning and contributing production quality code in C#, Window Presentation Foundation, Java and Sybase in a very short duration.

 Pooja has always understood the old axiom that we rise or fall together, and I think that is why she has kept teamwork as the highest priority. Pooja has a zest for life and has a variety of interests. Her sense of humor is such that, if she wasn’t an engineer, I believe she could have easily been a comedian on a place like Broadway. She can relate to people in many ways and on many levels. Not only she has consistently performed her role with competence, but she also goes an extra mile to help out other team members. Recently she was assigned an extra duty of training the new recruits. She readily accepted and was successful in doing so.

I am sure that Pooja would be an excellent asset to any Research and Development team she wishes to join, and would prove to be a successful researcher in her chosen field. Graduate studies would be a continuation of her development process and will help her to achieve new horizons. I feel that she has the necessary intelligence, diligence, and persistence to complete the program successfully. I would strongly recommend her for an admission to the Master’s program in Computer Engineering at your esteemed university. I wish her good luck in all her future endeavors.


Kavitha Mc

Associate Vice President

Deutsche Bank

60, Wall Street, New York

Mobile: +1-(201) 380-6200

Email Id: [email protected]