I myself. This field incorporates everything I

I first heard the term “speech pathologist” when my little brother
developed Eosinophilic Esophagitis at a young age. Prior to any treatment, my brother
dealt with multiple problems including swallowing and communication disorders.

Once a speech therapy team diagnosed my brother with this disorder and started performing
treatment, we saw an immediate improvement. Fast forward nearly 10 years later,
and I find myself preparing to impact somebody’s life as the speech therapy
team impacted my brother’s life.

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I originally began college not knowing what exactly I wanted to pursue
as a major. I felt really discouraged going into the summer before my Sophomore
year, so my advisor encouraged me to meet with a career counselor. I sat down
with career services and began identifying things I knew true about myself: I
love people, I am driven by a desire to fix problems, and I want to make a
positive impact on others’ lives. I went home that summer still not knowing
exactly what I wanted to do, but kept in mind the list about what fueled my

That summer, I shadowed a number of professionals in different
fields. My mentor, speech pathologist Hannah Reed, allowed me the opportunity
to shadow at a hospital, private practice, and a specialized school. After a
few days of seeing all the areas a speech pathologist works in, I knew a career
as a speech pathologist fit exactly what I wanted. Speech pathology joined all
of my passions into one career, making it the perfect profession for myself. This
field incorporates everything I want in a career, and allows me to use my
strengths to better the lives of my patients.