I I tried my best not to

I grew up in a small town where everything was so simple and easy going, but I liked that better than busy cities where there are countless troubles and problems happen. Because I lived in such an isolated town, there were not many kids in my age which made my dark personalities stand out to people. They always worried about me being so different to other kids in my age. I guess it was because I was too quiet, I was being who I was but I didn’t not liked it too. It was one of my wishes to get rid of my dark sides and become more like others. My parents always worried about how I was too mature compare to other kids in the town. Their main topic of conversation was always about what could help me to be like others. 
 I remember that one friend named Claudia who came to town in the middle of year 4. She was the most fragile and delicate person I have ever met in my lifetime. When she entered the classroom, I could foresee that we shared a lot of common feelings. I could see it in her eyes, her body gestures and the way that she spoke. I approached to her after lesson to ask if I could show her what’s around school. It was so nerve racking and challenging for a person like me to talk to someone first. However I felt as though Claudia wouldn’t be like the other kids where they tease about how I was. 
“Hi…. If there’s anything that you’re curious about, just ask me I can always help.” I mumbled as I tried my best not to let out my shaking voice.
“Hi my name is Claudia. It will be great if you take me around the school.” She responded in the most gentle and soft way that I have got from talking to other peers. “and be friends since I don’t know anyone from this school.” She said with a generous smile on her face. It was the first time who said such encouraging things to me. For me it was. That day still remains clearly in my mind as the most meaningful day that I ever lived in my life. 
Our parents became close friends as well as us became best buddies. We always had dinner gatherings once every fortnight. We always waited for that day as it was the only day we could play violins together. As soon as we became friends, our parents recommended us to learn the violin together as a hobby. My first violin was a nice golden colour with layer of shining varnish coated making it look like it’s producing a light from itself. When I look back it was the best decision I made to learn a violin. It brought us more close and helped to deeply interact with each other. It was a big jump from who I was before I met her, it was something so meaningful, valuable and enabled myself to speculate new possibilities for my own future. 
As the joyous days passed, we became the oldest year of high school. During the past years, I have changed so much, being opened up to people more, thinking positively and learned how to express myself to others in a more effective way. I have gained so much confidence being with Claudia and learning a violin which not many people can play. Claudia and a violin took up every single bits of my life and I liked how they did. However these didn’t last forever. It was one Sunday morning when all went wrong. I was walking down to Claudia’s house to practice violin together. As I entered her house, everything was packed away in a thick cardboard boxes which have been taped several times. I knew why but tried to deny it. Claudia greeted me with soft but cheerful smile. As she lanced my blank face, she led me to her room. We sat down on her bed like we always do when I visit her house. She apologised with the same innocent and pure eyes that I always loved.  I knew this was unavoidable, there was nothing I could do but letting her go. That was the time where learnt that there are things that you need to face and can’t be controlled. Everything happens for a reason. There no way you can change your fate. This also helped me too get through the hardships in life. 
Now when I look back through my life sitting on my couch under the sun, it gives me a little goosebumps about how time passes by so quickly. Even though Claudia and I had lost contact several years ago but I certainly think that she’ll be enjoying her life to her very best. Every time I think of her I can’t help but make me smile. All the things that happened in my life was an experience that renewed my perceptions which helped me to get through hardships that I had to face. As grandkids looking at my little but sturdy violin, it gives me flashback to my hometown. It’s still so unforgettable and thankful for all the precious memories. “I have so many things to tell you Claudia, and I will one day.” I whispered to myself as the sun brightly shining above my head. “And playing violins together just like we did when we had no one but each other.”