I Got Lost in Las Vegas Essay

If you are planning to visit Las Vegas soon you probably feel excited and cannot wait to start your vacations and arrive to Sin City. Since everyone has told you how amazing it is and you want to do all that the main character of your favorite movie did in Vegas, you are starting to feel a little anxious about what and what not to do as soon as you get to your desired and well deserved vacations. Do not get too worried, and just enjoy the moment; being in Vegas is not an every-day experience.

Packing is that moment when you have to make sure to pack everything you will need to enjoy your vacations at its best. This could turn on a stressing task, but just relax, every good experience needs some improvisation; how could you improvise when you are way too prepared for every little thing? As soon as you arrive to the city you will experience a strange mixture of excitement, anxiety, and uncertainty, but put it aside and remember this is the placed you wanted to be for months.

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Stop the panic and start the living, it does not really matters whether you are lost or if you know exactly what to do, keep walking and enjoy the view. As soon as the night falls down start living Las Vegas experience, go out and visit all Las Vegas has to offer and no other city has. It is not acceptable to lose the opportunity to get to know the best of Vegas. Start by visiting the most striking hotels you see around, get impressed by the architecture all of them have, and try to look at every detail that stays in front of your eyes.

The hotels also offer the opportunity to play in their casinos, if you are feeling lucky not falling in the temptation will be too hard, you might become a millionaire in just one second, but be careful to save enough money for the next days. It is time to sit down and enjoy the show. Las Vegas has an enormous amount of shows all around, make sure to watch at least one, you will not regret it. From Cirque du Soleil to Chris Angel’s there are shows for all ages and for different tastes, look for the one that seems best for you and make sure to arrive early so you can follow the show from the beginning.

Whatever you decide, make sure to remember every little moment and make it better by taking lots of pictures, Las Vegas will welcome you with its arms wide open, and will offer you all the excitement you could imagine. Live the dream of being in one of the most famous cities in the world, but most importantly, do whatever you think is the best, that way you will not regret anything since you did everything you wanted to.