Hungry for Reading Essay

As we all grow older, there are moments in our lives that are never forgotten. One of my favorite memorable moments was related to reading. A book based movie The Hunger Games taught me that reading can be enjoyable, habit forming and a great way to expand my vocabulary. “The Hunger Games” movie is based on the first book of a trilogy of science fiction novels written by Suzanne Collins. The book and movie are about a 16 year old girl name Katniss Everdeen, who lives in a post-apocalyptic nation called Panem.

In the capitol of Panem every year they have The Hunger Games Tournament in which one girl and one boy aged twelve to eighteen from each of the twelve districts of Panem participate in a televised battle to the death. The girl and boy are selected by lottery and compete against each other and with the other selected participants from the other districts. Only one participant can win and he grand prize for winning is their life and a year supply of goods and food to the district the winning participant belongs to.

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Katniss Everdeen’s sister gets picked in the lottery but she volunteers to take her twelve year old sisters place and fight for her own life in The Hunger Games Tournament. It is because of this movie that I read the three books and now reading is not a problem for me anymore but rather an enjoyable hobby. After viewing The Hunger Games in theaters I was anxious to know what happened next my curiosity got the best of me and I bought the trilogy of books.

The thought of buying a book seemed strange to me because I had a negative attitude towards reading for fun or reading overall. My anxiousness to know what happened next changed my mind and I immediately started reading. While reading the books, I realized that there are details in that were not included in the movie. Such details are extra background information on the characters and events that happen between the major scenes. I enjoyed how the writer of the books was able to expand my imagination and make me feel a certain emotion in the story.

Once I started to read the first page, I was immediately hooked and determined to finish the first book so I could move on to the second and third books. There would be times that I would go to sleep late because I could not stop reading. I enjoyed it and never wanted to put the book down. Reading became fun once I realized that it is possible to read long stories and be able to enjoy the reading. Unknowingly, I got used to reading. I found myself reading newspaper articles and books not caring on the length of the article or the amount of pages it contained. y lethargic attitude towards reading changed to a more positive one. Before I would push reading assignments for school to the side because I was too lazy to sit and make time to read. I would think of reading as a waste of time and effort. Literacy was not a big part in my life before because I was not taught the importance of literature and understanding the content being read. Now, I usually seek additional literature to get a better understanding of what I read. I got into the habit of writing side notes on stick notes about what I read.

I would make notes on character’s information, words I did not know the meaning to and my favorite events or phrases in the story. I then started applying these techniques in my academic reading, which now helps me understand better what I read. I came across many words that I did not know the meaning to. With the help of a dictionary, I was able to understand and learn the spelling and meaning of the words. I learned that there are different words that have similar meanings.

Some words, such as lethargic (lazy) and cacophony (blaring/blasting), have been applied in my academic writing and have come of great assistance. I was no longer limited to overused common words and was able to express myself in my writing more efficiently. My vocabulary skills became better once I felt comfortable with not knowing a word and being able to look and try to find contextual clues that would help me understand what the word might mean. Not knowing a word or set of words used to discourage me from reading because I thought I was not smart enough to read.

I used to believe that I was not capable of reading long literature because I was not familiar with the words used in the reading. Never would I have ever imagined that a movie would influence me to enjoy reading and learn new skills to help me in my writing. Reading is now part of my life and it is a habit I hope I never break. Being able to expand my vocabulary skills by simply reading for fun is a great experience for me. I doubt I will ever go back to my lazy days of not reading because I will forever be hungry, hungry for reading!