Human at London Nursing Home. In addition,

Human Resource Management is
the function within an organisation that focuses on the recruitment, management
and providing direction for the people who work in the organisation. The
appropriate strategies, leadership and management in Human Resources can
address the issues relating to staff recruitment and retention in a health care
organisation (Price, 2003). Therefore, it is
imperative for an organisation to understand the recruitment processes and
design strategies implemented for building an effective team.


This essay will explain
the systems for monitoring and promoting the development of individuals, as
well as, understand the approaches for managing people working in health care
(Armstrong, 2006) in relation to the given case scenario at London Nursing Home. In addition, the best mechanism to hiring staff
for London Nursing Home will be explored through techniques recommended for
employing suitable staff, which would take into account, the specific
legalities and regulatory framework through which, the nursing home is required
to abide by in the recruitment process. Furthermore, the best practice to
facilitate the growth of a dynamic and productive team within the London Nursing
Home will be reflected through thorough research to discover means of constantly
engaging and training employees to keep them aligned with the needs of the nursing
home. Thus, this essay will be concluded on evaluating the appropriate leadership
and management style in retaining the employees and ensuring their job
satisfaction in the London Nursing Home

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