How Distinguishing Between the Deal and the Relationship Serve To Benefit Conflict Negotiations Essay


How Distinguishing Between the Deal and the Relationship Serve To Benefit Conflict Negotiations

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 Conflict negotiation is a discussion between two or more people who are trying to find a solution to their problem. This negotiation take place because the parties involved wish to resolve dispute between them. The parties understand that there is a conflict of interest among them and belief that they can use influence in order to get a better deal. Instead of waiting for the other side to give them what they want voluntarily, they search for agreement instead of fighting openly.

In negotiation, parties either give or take and have interlocking goals which can not be accomplished independently. The disputants will try to force the other side accept their demand or get solution that satisfy both sides. Their interdependence will have an impact on their relationship and how they conduct their negotiations and the outcome of negotiations. Good relationship help both parties not to use force in order to make other change position, it avoids anger and resentment. This in return will make a satisfactory outcome of the negotiation. (Fisher, 1991 pp33-37).

How to Use Collaborative Negotiation Assumptions in Problem Solving

Collaborative negotiation assumptions help to make joint decisions where individuals focus on group collaborative action, where the final decision is always of central importance. The communication is reciprocal which means that it is open to everyone and full information is available. The parties are involved in truth exchanges; they use tactics in order to claim a large share after the negotiation. (Deutsch, 1973 pp24-25).

Ways in Which I Might Apply These Strategies to Resolving Conflict in My Own Life

These strategies may be used to understand my own values and the value of others and get a better understanding of the causes of internal conflict. I would also be able to determine my relationship compatibility with another person and develop trust in relationship for it to be successful and last long. This can help in relationship recovery and avoiding break-up. I would manage and work with a group of people and improve communication skills when dealing with them. Good relationship will be created without employing a mediator and conflict resolution specialist. (Deutsch, 1973 pp20-23).


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