Hello, The main reason for writing to

Hello, Peterson, I hope this finds well.
The main reason for writing to is to try and explain to you the reincarnation
cycle and the different ways to exit it. However, to understand the
reincarnation concept it is important to learn a few basic beliefs that form
the foundation of Hinduism. The ideas, such as Karma, Samsara or Dharma defines
the Hindu’s belief system and also carry it law and rite of passage. Karma
stands for the belief that people suffer the consequences of their own actions
and that every thought or act has a consequence. On the other hand, Dharma
represents the ultimate moral balance of all things which can be an individual
or to the universe. In Hindu, the dharma concept is played out in all areas
including social, political and familial setting. Hindus belief in
reincarnation. They believe that their souls are eternal and live multiple
times in one body after the other; it is a cycle and there are different ways
to exit it (Nagaraj, Mysore &

The reincarnation Cycle

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Reincarnation is also known as samsara.
According to Hinduism, every person undergoes multiple lives in his/her
existence, and samsara is the external cycle of reincarnation. When persons
die, their souls are reborn and reincarnated in another body and what happens
in each of these lives is as a result of what happened in the previous life.
That is, one is reincarnated in a good body if they have lived a good life in
their previous life and vice versa; this is referred to as Dharma. If one was a
good person, they are reincarnated in a higher form of life. What an individual
does well, makes them better and what they do wrong, makes them worse.
Therefore, they can be reincarnated in a higher caste when they were good in
previous life or a lower caste, plant or an animal if they did wrong. The
primary goal of these Hindu religious practices is to help perfect the way the
believers live in order to exit the cycle of reincarnation or come back to a
higher life (Nagaraj, Mysore &