Health Care Managers Roles and Functions Essay

Within every organization there is a chain of command. It can start as high up as a president of a company and go down the chain as vice president, managers, other employees and so forth. Each position plays a role within the organization. The management role is a very important role as it consists of many duties and responsibilities. Managers must know how to plan, organize, lead and control (Lombardi, 2007). These functions are very crucial in a management position within any organization. All four functions are very important when it comes to health care managers.

Leading to me is the most important function as a good leader inspires others to do their best as well as using the other functions to set good examples and to be a good leader. A great leader should be organized, plan well, and control situations or their staff accordingly. A great leader would inspire others to do well with these other functions as well which can then produce a great team. If a manager follows these functions then this will help them to make sure everything and everybody within their organization will operate smoothly and efficiently.

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Each of these functions serve their own special purpose but to me it starts with a good leader to help show others how to make the most out of being a great organizer, how to plan accordingly, control situations properly and even show others how to lead. The most significant aspect related to health care management that I would like to gain by taking this class is how to be better with time management. I am good at organizing, planning, controlling and leading for the most part. When it comes to time management, I never seem to have enough hours in a day.

I have a habit of trying to get everything done at one time instead of pacing myself accordingly. I hope to learn how to manage my time better throughout this class to help me become a stronger and more efficient leader for the future. I would also like to strengthen all my skills including communication, leading, planning, controlling, and organizing. I am always up for learning something new or something that could make me a great manager in the future. Planning, organizing, controlling, and leadership are all very important functions when it comes to being a health care manager.

I believe they all go hand in hand and you must obtain all these qualities to be a great manager in any organization. A manager needs to set a good example for their staff and must be able to communicate well to make their organization run smoothly. To me you must be a great leader to be a great manger. If managers are effective leaders, their subordinates will be enthusiastic about exerting effort toward the attainment of organizational objectives (Anderson, 2002). Goals and objectives are what we all want to succeed at especially within our organization.

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