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Having need an external hard drive performance and reliability is a must . Especially when you have experienced the painful experience of losing all your memories during the crash of your computer, when you saturated your PC with videos or you have a professional use of computers and always need backup of his work in progress in case of glitch.Why want an external hard drive? It is sure to warm the documents that are dear to us or necessary. It’s also a great way to make your data easily available from one database to another, from your Mac desktop to your home PC , from mobile to landline to tablet or smartphone. Because yes, some new external hard drives offer jewelry connectivity . The wifi synchronizes with your mobile devices and provides them with a backup. You’ll be comfortable if the jewel falls from your pocket or in the bathroom.Thus a good hard drive will save your clumsiness and your pictures of babies or cats lost in the misadventure. Others offer life- saving Mac / PC compatibility if you need to plan your work at an important meeting or your holiday photos at Mom and Dad. Be careful not to confuse the two by creating separate, stunned folders. This is especially important if you are doing photo or video editing . The files related to this kind of practices are extremely heavy in MB and especially very valuable for their creators. You would not want to lose the fruit of your inspiration after overheating or flooding.The same goes for gamers who have followed the waves of high definition video games and whose PCs need a phenomenal amount of data space to work with an honorable loading time. In short, whether you have a recreational, creative or professional use, the best external hard drive will always be your ally to secure your data and improve communication between your various digital devices . In this buying guide, Best Comparative offers you to discover the best external hard drives and how to choose the one that best suits your needs.