Happy Prince Essay

Happy prince and the Swallow enjoyed real happiness because they had meaningful actions and meaningful lives. They forgot themselves, didn’t scare the death to help the poor overcome their sufferings. Happy prince in this story is a statue of a dead prince decorated with gold leaves and precious stones, and people call him “Happy prince” because when he was alive, he lived in a palace, and he never shed tears or feel sorrow. He was isolated from the less fortunate in the society, and “So he lived, and he died” without knowing what real happiness was.

After becoming a statue, he stood in the high place, had chances to have an overview around the city, and he saw the poor with their hunger, their suffering versus the rich with their luxury. Although his heart made from lead, he shed tears, which hadn’t happened when he was a real human. The prince’s tears made the swallow agree to cancel his journey to Egypt and help him. The swallow brought the ruby to the woman who has a sick child, the sapphire to the young man in a garret who was trying to finish a play for the Director of the Theatre, the other sapphire to a little girl whose father will beat her if she doesn’t bring home some money.

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The prince gave up his eyes, and the swallow gave up his journey and stayed with the prince forever even though the swallow knew that he will die because of the cold weather. At this point, the writer makes me cry. They forgot themselves, and tried their best to bring a better life for the others, encourage the poor to overcome the difficulties in life. After that, the swallow gradually delivered the gold sheets of the statue to help the other poor people in the town.

Finally, the swallow died and the prince’s heart was cracked by a kiss from the swallow. I myself suppose that after all, the prince and the swallow have their own happiness because they have real friendship and they are aware of the satisfaction of providing charity to the poor. The more the prince lost in his valuable appearance, the most he gained in his heart. Real happiness appears when people have good actions and care about human beings, not only about themselves