Growing up with Grandmother Essay

Growing up with Grandmother

            Thinking back to my growing up years, it would only be fair to say that grandmother taught me  the most important lesson regarding how to accept who I am, be happy with what life had to offer to me, and finally work with what I had.

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            Our family was a wee bit of short on the money side for most part of my life. So when boys started coming around to me like bees to honey,  mum, dad, and grandmother knew that the time had come for me to start owning  formals. But where was that money to come from? They tried to ignore it as best as they could. But when the announcement of the school dance was made, and I came to them asking for money for a new dance dress, all three were at a loss as to what to do. It was at this point that grandmother took me aside one afternoon when I got home from school and gave me a talking to.

            As we sat over a hot pot of tea with milk and finger sandwiches, grandmother asked me if it was really important to me that I have a store bought gown for the school dance. My face turned red with the horror of not being able to attend the school dance because the dress was too expensive. Perhaps the disappointment was highly visible on my face because grandmother finally said “Let me speak to your mum and dad. We might be able to do something for you.” smiling with that always reassuring smile that always meant she would do her best to produce results for me.

            I began to fret as the day of the dance drew nearer and I had everything ready except a formal. Then one day, I came home to see grandmother hunched over her sewing machine with a stack of lace and satin fabric beside her. She sat beside me and said that she would make my gown for me and she hoped I would not mind. I was a bit disappointed but what else could I do? After we had settled on what gown she would copy for me from a fashion magazine, she set herself to work. Refusing to have me see the gown until the night itself when she amazed me by presenting me with a gown that looked far more exquisite and elegant than anything that could have been store bought.

            Every person at the dance was wearing a store bought gown and mine looked nothing different from theirs. In fact, everyone at the dance was praising me for what I was wearing. That was when I learned the most important lesson that I have taken to heart till this very day. When you do something with love in your heart and the best intentions for that person, everything you do will turn out perfect and beautiful. Anything given and made with love will always outshine anything money can buy.

Self Evaluation:

1. In my opinion, this essay deserves a letter grade of A.

2. I believe my essays deserves that grade because I factually stated a time during my life when a teenager would be ashamed to admit that her family was going through some rough financial patches. It shows how my family helped me gain a maturity far beyond my actual age and that I was adult enough to accept it and make it a part of my whole person. I also avoided as many grammatical errors as possible while trying to convey all my emotions and thoughts.

3. The greatest strength of this essay is that it is based upon an actual event in my life that had a great impact on my development as a person and has helped me become the well rounded person I am today.

4. The greatest weakness of this essay is that the content was limited by the word count. There was a lot more that I wished to share and impart about the event that took place and how it affected me.