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  George Washington Carver born on 1864, was an American botanist and   inventor.  He  became well-known because of his work in ways to prevent soil depletion   with alternative crop farming. Carver was one of the best-known African-Americans of   his era. Growing mainly from his research on peanuts, his rise to fame created myths  and obscured much of the true nature of his work. My goal for this paper is to give a basic description of the life of george washington carver and explain his achievements and contributions to this world.He was born in the Missouri town of Diamond. Where he lived with his  mother and older brother. They were sold as slaves to moses and susan carver. His mother disappeared when george was just an infant. The carvers did not have any children of their own, So they raised george and his brother as their children. So george was both free from slavery but stuck as an     orphan.  George was allowed to go to school because of the fact that he was a black. During that time there was a lot of racism in the world. He was very sensitive so he didn’t do any hard labour, but he did help around the house and did a lot chores. He didn’t like that he couldn’t receive any education. So at his young age he moved a lot to find education.He was finally accepted into a college called Simpson in Indianola, Iowa, in 1890.He supported himself cooking, doing laundry, and homesteading. He also had to go through a lot of hard work before majoring in art. Later his teacher convinced him in to transfer to Iowa State College to study agriculture. By the time he completed a master’s degree in agriculture in 1896, his teachers and his classmates were really impressed and found out that he was very talented in biology and horticulture. Carver never made a significant contribution to scientific theory, and he developed no commercially feasible new products. But he contributed a lot when it came to plants and he made a difference by finding out different methods and tactics to planting. He was also known as the peanut man because of the research he made on the uses for peanuts and how to use them. He also delivered a speech to Peanut Growers Association in 1920 attesting to the wide potential of peanuts. Unfortunately on january 5th 1943 carver fell down a flight of stairs and died due to complications of anemia.