Forrest Gump Essay

Have you ever had a question you wanted to ask a person that you might never meet? Have you ever wondered why a person did something that he was not expected to do? Well, I have, as a matter of fact wrote an essay about a person I want to meet, Forrest Gump. “Forrest Gump,” is a movie released on July 6th 1994; its actor is an individual named Tom Hanks. The movie is mostly about him narrating an autobiography of his whole life by a bus stop. Forrest Gump is a fictional character who has characteristics that many people wish to develop.

If I could meet any person living, dead, or fictional, it would be Forrest Gump because of his respected characteristics. Forrest Gump possesses the following qualities; being restless, awfully expressive, and a great achiever. Forrest Gump is a restless man; in fact he confirmed that by doing many things that an ordinary person cannot achieve easily. First, when Jenny, one morning, left Forrest he did not understand why, so, “for no particular reason,” he started running all across America. People did not know why he did it, but it gave them hope. When he was running, he helped a guy make a slogan for bumper stickers.

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Another time he helped a wild-eyed person develop a new t-shirt design which he got a lot of money off it. Same thing with Terry Fox run it gave people hope, in fact it is named, “Marathon of Hope. ” Second, Forrest Gump is not a mere shrimp boat sailor, but a very successful one. He and crippled lieutenant Dan, in the beginning, were not very good. After a vicious storm, in the sea, they began to catch shrimp by the crates. When Forrest Gump was a soldier, he made a friend named Bubba who had worked as a shrimp boat sailor all his life. Bubba, in Vietnam, had made Forrest make a promise that he will join him to be a shrimp boat captain.

This did not happen because Bubba did not live to the end of the war. Lieutenant Dan had promised Forrest if he became a shrimp boat captain he would join him. Shrimping is not very easy; it takes a long time to get experienced and master it (like where to find a good spot to fish or what to do during a storm). Third, Forrest also contributed in the Vietnam War; he had been doing very well. He made a new company record when assembling a rifle in one of the practices. The drill sergeant that had taught him how to be a soldier had always complimented him for being an outstanding participant.

Forrest had won a medal of honour for serving in the war (and surviving). At some point the average death rate for males was 58. 9 per 100,000. This shows how hard it was to go to Vietnam and still survive. This is an important point for why I would like to meet Forrest Gump, but what is even more important is how expressive he sometimes is. Forrest Gump is very expressive, he could talk about his life non-stop as a matter of fact he did. To be sure, one day Jenny, Forrest’s “girl”, returned to Greenbow, Alabama. They danced together, and enjoyed each other’s company by the end, Forrest asked Jenny if he could marry her, but she refused.

When Forrest first met Jenny, he had described her as having “the sweetest voice in the wide world. ” He also said that he and Jenny were like “peas and carrots. ” This confirms how much love Forrest had for Jenny, even though she has been drifting in and out from his life. “When some men say ‘I love you,’…this can be very scary for some men,” this quote is taken from ivillage. com. It explains how some men are not very expressive compared to Forrest Gump. Additionally, if anyone hurts Jenny; he becomes very hysterical and might shove or punch that person.

Later during the movie Jenny, and many others, were in a rebellion against the United States sending Americans to Vietnam to fight. In one of the tents, Forrest saw a man hitting Jenny across her face; he steps forward with rage and starts punching the man in the face. Furthermore, when Jenny died, he bulldozed her father’s house down; her father who was under the influence of alcohol used to beat her brutally. Lastly, almost the whole movie is based on a story Forrest Gump is narrating the story by a bus stop; actually his voice is sometimes in the background of the movie.

As Forrest sits next to the bus stop waiting to go on one he meets people, either old or young, he tells them a very melancholic story. This defines how expressive and positive he sometimes is. With all these facts in mind let’s depart to the most important thing on why I would like to confront Forrest Gump which is being an achiever. Being an achiever is not always easy; sometimes it needs skills that some people do not possess. First, when Bubba died, and Forrest could not bear his death, Forrest realized that all their plans were thrown out the window. But because of being very desirous and an achiever he became a shrimp boat captain.

When Forrest was sitting near the bus stop he had showed a man a magazine of himself and Lieutenant Dan sitting in front of the boat, Jenny. The magazine was called FORTUNE; on the front cover were Forrest and his first mate, Lieutenant Dan, with twelve Jenny boats behind them! Second, Gump was also a very successful ping-pong player. In fact, he excelled in it, and he even went to China and became a national celebrity. Forrest’s first introduction to ping-pong was in Vietnam, he said, “… ping-pong came very natural to me,” which was true because many people even asked him if he could use their racket.

Third, when Forrest was in Vietnam he has saved four people’s life, all because he wanted to save his friend’s life. When they were attacked, they were told to back off and run. Forrest hearing the word run dashed into the forest full speed leaving everything behind. When he was very far, he remembered Bubba. So he went back to rescue him, eventually rescuing three soldiers and Lieutenant Dan. In the end, he discovered that it was already too late to rescue Bubba. I think the best thing Forrest Gump is good at is, would be, an achiever as well as a great accomplisher.

In final consideration, I would like to meet Forrest Gump because of, being restless, awfully expressive, and a great achiever. Forrest Gump does not only have those characteristics but many others such as, being honest, loving and caring. He is not the only one who has those personalities but there are many others that have the characteristics and maybe you could think of some. There are many people, in the world, that have made a huge difference in the community, good or bad. Wherever there is a country there is a city. Wherever there is a city there are people living, people who could make a difference.