Football There are some consequences of being

Football is the sports that produces the most concussions
from players every year. There are some consequences of being a football
player. Professional football leagues such as NFL are gaining more knowledge of
how dangerous concussions can be. Retired NFL players that may have problems in
the future because of concussions are getting piece of mind because of the
NFL’s statement to pay former concussed players. Young football player also has
the most concussions out of any youth sport. Young football players and their
families are beginning to become afraid of the dangers of concussions. Athletes
who started playing tackle football before the age of 12 were morel likely to
have impaired mood and behaviour later in life than those who started playing
after they turned 12 based on the study, which was conducted by researchers
from Boston University. The researchers made a phone interview and online
survey to some former players with an average age of 51. 43 high school played
through, 103 college played through and 68 played in the NFL. The researchers
found that all three groups who participated in youth football before the age
of 12 doubled the risk to have problems with executive function, apathy, and
behavioural regulation and tripled the risk of clinically elevated depression
scores. These researchers are planning to debate if children should be allowed
to begin playing tackle football or not because it can cause brain damage or
other problems later in life. Tackle football can also cause death even if they
showed these young athletes to use a proper technique for tackling or providing
safety equipment.

Children between the years of 10 and 12 should not play
tackle football because of brain development that occurs between 10 and 12. One
reason tackle football is too dangerous for children to play is because of
chronic traumatic encephalopathy known as CTE. It is a deadly brain disease
that can develop from the repeatedly hits and tackles young football players
experience. Many parents start their children out at a very young age. However,
because young football players’ brains and bodies are not fully developed, they
are more vulnerable to injuries, mainly to their brains. With more and more
young people playing football, the risk of players becoming disabled is
becoming greater and greater. Such as depression, behaviour, headaches or
Alzheimer’s disease which does lead to death later in life. Another reason is
when parents think their children are safe by wearing helmet when playing
football but there is no particular type of helmet can keep children 100
percent safe from injuries. It turns out when researchers tested different
brands of helmets, they found no difference in the safety of the headgear. The
helmets cannot always keep them safe. This is one of the many reasons why
children should not play football. The final reason why football is too
dangerous for children to play is a concussion, one of the many risk factors of
a child developing Alzheimer’s disease. A critical build up in protein in the
brain, that has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, has been proven to be five
times more likely to occur in players that have had a concussion and memory
loss. Drugs that have the potential to block the brain from turning into
Alzheimer’s disease have not been created yet. Therefore, if a child played
football and got a concussion which caused memory loss, they would be five
times more likely for premature death. This is why parents do not let their
kids play tackle football. Parents also see NFL players getting serious injury
and that is what they fear most.

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In conclusion, children should not play tackle football
until their teenage years because it can cause several injuries especially
brain damage but the NFL disagreed by educating safer tackling techniques at
reducing head impact. NFL is also trying to reduce the number of concussions by
inducing penalties in the case of head to head hits which is not enough for the
safety of the players and the safety of the game. Sometimes players could be a
problem because they are being too aggressive and careless when they play
tackle football which cause them getting injured. Players should act
professionally and sportsmanship. If NFL wants to encourage children to come
back, they should change some of the rules and regulations of the game by
taking away the tackle because tackling can cause serious injury. NFL should do
the same play as flag football. The safety equipment cannot always keep them
safe. Safety equipment such as helmets were designed to prevent from skull
fractures as well as moderate to severe brain injuries but it does not mean
that it would not cause anything in the future. The NFL should also mandate the
proper maintenance and testing of playing fields to reduce the risk of injury.