Exploitation and Cruelty in American society: Price to Pay for Your Dream Essay

The desire to live and work in a more highly-developed country than your own guides many people nowadays. Despite the obstacles they have to go through, they still struggle for a happier life, and they are willing to overcome all the difficulties to achieve their goal. The United States is one of the countries which serves as a magnet for many people from countries with a lower level of development. It attracts them year after year.

Even though such countries as China, Korea, Mexico, Eastern European countries have already reached a considerably high level of economy, the thirst to live in the US makes them leave the native country in search of happier life. They all have an idea of roads being covered with gold in the United States, and therefore they fly for thousands of miles to get there. However, even though the American society accepts them as members, it also makes them go through many forms of exploitation and cruelty. It just takes advantage of the people who leave their homes to come and live in the United States.

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The American society starts dictating its own terms of accepting new members. If they are willing to accept the terms, they will be able to keep living in the country of their dreams. If not, they are free to return home. The society doesn’t offer equal possibilities for immigrants with American citizens because the new-comers do not deserve them yet. On the contrary, the society takes advantage of them, and uses them in many job positions in which Americans would never agree to work. The American society benefits very much from the new-comers because low-paying jobs get occupied with lots of willingness, and sex industry gets new members.

Many people from other countries who came to the US in search of happier life have to face lots of cruelty. They can get rejected at high-paying jobs for which they have enough skills, and therefore they are forced to accept low-paying jobs. However, the new-comers don’t object to that because they think they have achieved the main goal of their lives- coming to the United States. Even if they will suffer for a while working at low-paying jobs, or sex-industry, they still have a hope that their children will be happy and prosperous in this country, or at least their grandchildren.

They take every new difficulty with patience because they feel they are just achieving a higher goal at the moment. The exploitation which people have to go through nowadays is not new for the society because it has always existed in it in some form. Frederick Douglass gives very sharp examples of exploitation he had to go through in his time. Perhaps, the most vivid example are the conditions in which people on the plantation had to live. In “The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass”” the author describes slaves on the plantation who obtained “as their monthly allowance of food, eight pounds of pickled pork, or its equivalent in fish.

The pork was often tainted and the fish were of the poorest quality. With this they got a bushel of unbolted Indian meal and a pint of salt; this was the entire monthly allowance of a full-grown slave, working constantly in the open field from morning till night every day in the month except Sunday. ” They got very few clothes for a year as well: two tow-linen shirts, a pair of linen pants to wear in summer and woolen pants and a woolen jacket to wear in winter, a pair of yarn stockings, and “a pair of shoes the coarsest description. ” /chapter 2/ Kids on the plantation had no pants and no shoes and just 2 shirts to wear during the year.

One of the most painful examples of what the slaves had to go through on the plantation is shown through the celebration of New Year and Christmas. Slaves were treated like animals during those holidays by the masters, all they needed to do was providing entertainment. Frederick Douglass depicts one of those holidays: “Not to be drunk during the holidays was disgraceful. The fiddling, dancing, and ‘jubilee beating’ was carried on in all directions. … A silent slave was not liked, either by masters or overseers. ‘Make a noise there! Make a noise there! ‘ …. were words usually addressed to slaves when they were silent.

This and the natural disposition of the Negro to make a noise in the world, may account for the almost constant singing among them when at their work. ” /chapter 2/ There can be named many examples of cruelty in American society nowadays. In some ways, they are close to the examples given by Frederick Douglass. They might appear milder because nowadays there are no real slaves like the ones Frederick Douglass described in his work. However, in many cases, even nowadays people have to go through terrible exploitation. They don’t bear the name of slaves, but they are slaves in reality.

The examples of cruelty in American society these days all show what a great border exists between people who were born and have lived in this country since their childhood, and those who have just arrived. For example, many Mexican workers come to the United States in search of a better fate. In order to be able to support their families, they start looking for a job. Unfortunately, they don’t get any good suggestions, and they have to settle with the job they find, no matter how terrible the terms of the job are. First of all, they get faced with the problem that they don’t get paid as much as Americans no matter how hard they work.

They also find out that they have to work as slaves in order to be able to occupy their position for a long period of time. Lots of Mexican workers have to work at very hard jobs without any holidays or days-off. Oftentimes, the job requires them to have a prolonged working day. They work just as hard as the slaves on the plantation which Frederick Douglass was describing. They certainly don’t get annual clothes or have to entertain their employers of Christmas, but all other conditions are pretty much the same. They are treated as slaves, and there is no way for them to change the state of things for them.

Lots of new-comers also go into restaurants to find a job there, and work as waiters. However, they get very little money for their work, which is hardly enough to make a living for them and their families. People working in restaurants in Chinatown for example get very low wages. They have to work very hard to earn at least a little money. Another example of exploitation is sex industry. Many Eastern European and Asian girls do not manage to find any other jobs except working in strip bars or as prostitutes. They see that there is no other way for them to make a living, and they agree to those terrible terms the society offers to them.

Many women have become actual sex slaves when they have to service many customers every day in order to pay the “debt” to their owner. Even though they don’t want to work in the sex industry, they want to remain in the United States, and they are ready to do any kind of work which the society chooses for them. In many ways, it’s very sad to realize that nowadays reality in the American society forces new-comers into the country to suffer from exploitation and cruelty. The situation between Frederick Douglass’ time and present days hasn’t changed much.

The society has got rid of official slaves, but there are many slaves on the paper who have to work just as hard and get treated with just as much cruelty. It is the price many people have to pay for their dream to live in the United States. They achieve their goal, but they have to suffer very much for it. This state of things is not going to change in the following years. People who will be coming to the United States will still be forced to make a choice- whether they want to stay in the country for any price or not. And in most cases, they will pay any price because the dream they have is priceless for them.