Experiencing Cities Essay

Experiencing Cities

            The world that we live in has been undergoing changes since the beginning of time. Without us knowing, it is slowly becoming a fast-paced and industrialized world where everyone and everything slowly evolves into something far better than before; some being more sophisticated and advanced. Site for example, the way the buildings look like before and now. One can definitely see that there is a big difference in both; since now, the buildings that were being built rely mainly on the structure and the appearance it could give its viewers. As time passes by, New York City was named as the “City that Never Sleeps”, primarily due to the fact that everyone works on a fast pace all the time.

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            The book, “Experiencing Cities”, by Mark Hutter, gives us an idea of how the world has slowly changed and how much it has evolved into a better place. Consequently, it gave us an idea of how New York City, with all its beauty and wonder, was built and howit looks like nowadays. Having had the opportunity to see all the wonders of New York, I could definitely say that all of the great sceneries and strucures of this city are a big plus factor in promoting the economic and business sectors.

            The beauty of this city has always been a favorite for both tourists and natives, alike. Everywhere you go, hopping from one borough to the other, one can see something extraordinarily different. From Uptown Queens, to Downtonwn Manhattan, there is always that special spot, where one can find peace and solace, and at the same time enjoy the sites and scenes without the hassle of paying much.

            New York City buildings started out from being low in height, from those few-floored buildings and eventually evolving into unique and sophisticated high rise buildings. Paying too much specifications on details, it makes the buildings more and more unique from the others. From that time on, they were known as the skyscrapers, with an estimated number of 4,000 buildings. All buildings ranged from different styles and designs, much to the delight of everyone seeing them. These mostly catch the attention of both the tourists and the residents, to come and savor the incomparable sight.

            Consuequently, New York City was also known for having a large residential district that caters to both the businessmen and domesticated people, as well. After the Great Fire in 1835, New Yorkers then searched for new ways to build their shelters. They relied more on brownstone and redbricks in the construction of their homes, since there was a scarcity among the wood and other construction materials. Soon after, New Yorkers sought that they should build higher buildings than the the usual ones, for these were better and could cater to more needs, especially in the business district.

            Musuems, like any other building in New York, are fast becoming landmarks. Because of the creativity and artistic taste of the people behind them, these buildings, although not as high as the skyscrapers, play an important role in the tourist upheaval of the city. More and more people, from around the globe come and see the wonders that people have built. One of the most distinguished and fascinated museums in New York is the American Museum of Natural History. Situated infront of the Central Park, both children and adults alike can then enjoy the animals and other wonders of the world, from the prehistoric Dinosaur times up to the present times. Structures from all over the world can also be viewed here. It is accessible via the subway train and stands on a five-floor building.

            As one enters the main museum, they are greeted by a vast variety of wild animals, coming from different parts of the world. These are then placed in individual divisions, covered with glass so as to protect them from being contaminated. This is also done so as to preserve them, from the time they were isolated, up to the present.

            In one of the areas, Egyptian culutre can be seen. Since Egypt was known for its vast and unique culture, tombs, mummies, pyramids, and even coffins are very much visible to the entertainment and awe of everyone. The little and specific details of each pyramid are given emphasis, showing the viewers its significance to the pharaoh and his people at that specific time. We all know that every structure built in Egypt has a corresponding meaning and symbolism.

            Another area showed the culture of some humans, who as we know, play a big role in the way things and structures are built and made. Having the viewers see them is a good way of showing, both tourists and residents alike, that New York City has a vast and diversified culture. Regardless of being branded as a “busy city”, animals and humans can still live in harmony in one city, without doing any harm whatsoever to each other.

            Comparing the book from the Museum, I could definitely say that having a personal experience of actually being able to see the buildings and the other sites, is far more better than just seeing them in pictures from books and other print media. In books, only descriptive words are given, much to the imagination of the readers, who then become eager to go to the said locations and experience things on their own. Seeing the location, in this case the American Museum of Natural History, on the other hand, can give the viewers a negative notion, on the way things may work inside. There are certain things that limit the writers from including in their paper so as not to give a negative feed back on their said pieces. Regardless of this, once inside the location, one can experience a new kind of feeling – knowing new and great ideas that then sharpen both the memory and the way people think.

            Books have this way of enticing and encouraging people to go and see the place, irrespective of whether or not it is accessible, expensive, or not. But if you get to experience something first hand, the knowledge that you learn from books becomes much more irreplaceable.     I would also like to reiterate that the main purpose of books is to encourage people to  come and see the featured place/venue. Yes, for some, critiques are very much taken into consideration for the reason that it helps owners improve their craft.

            The museum is not as biased as one may think it is. Yes, it may have its ups and down’s from time to time. Books, on the other hand, will always show the good and better side of things, and try as much as possible to hide the negative flaws of the venue. Sad, but true. But all in all, a trip to the American Museum of Natural History is definitely an experience that one can remember for the rest of their lives.


Hutter, Mark. (2006). Experiencing cities. Allyn ; Bycon, Inc.


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