Errors a form to fill in. An

Errors are unavoidable and everyone runs into one at one
time at life, this is no expectation for databases as it is almost given that
at one point error will occur however this can be avoided with simple steps
that I am going to talk about in this document.

Accidental deletion
of fields

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When you are using sometimes miss click or even an
accidental mouse click at the wrong time might cause fields to be deleted, and
this would mean that data would be lost. To avoid this from happening just like
anyone would do for any data the backup files could be created. Backup files
are basically versions of the file that are kept in safe space in case the
original file will be corrupt so data will not be lost. Backup files can be
held in cloud storages or external drives. However this can be rather
challenging for a new user to set up and in order to save time and make it
easier at the same time. Database could be locked so only original designer
could manipulate it this would be that anyone without access could not delete
fields therefore avoiding accidental deletion of fields. However having a
backup is always required.


Incorrect data types
can happen without even knowing it and can be even accidental, however it can
be sometimes critical especially when giving someone a form to fill in. An
example of this would be if for data field the “text” data type would be selected,
the person who is entering the information might make a mistake and write the
date with words or even press some letter unintentionally, this could cause
database to malfunction in case there’s filters that search for specific date
and by having it different data formats it would be rather challenging to make
them appear once it’s filtered. To simply avoid this the “date” data type could
be selected once the field is created so it makes the user to write date in
specific format which would decrease the chance of mistakes while making
database more efficient at the same time. (Date data type also only allows
numerical values to be entered so it is almost given that no errors will occur
when entering the date).

Renaming incorrectly

When information is being entered in the database it is
mostly copied from somewhere and posted because that saves time, however it is
worth remembering that every human makes mistakes and it is important to double
check if everything is typed correctly. Because if the information is already
typed in the renaming it can be rather challenging task. Also when handling
with databases that have relationship tables renaming can be difficult because
it would mess up the relationship table , so it is worth remembering to check
the spelling, information before making relationship tables because if any
field names are changed once relationship table is done the information would
not be retrieved and this would cause database to malfunction.

Validation is
just as the name states, it checks if the information that is entered follow
the set of rules that has been set by developer. An example of this can be if
the database has a form that must be filled in by people 18 and older the
validation rule “<=18" can be applied so it would avoid any unnecessary date from being entered to the database. As briefly mentioned before validation rule is used to check if information that is being entered in the database is valid this, another great example of how validation rule would help to avoid errors is making a message box appear once user has entered information wrong, this would notify user of the error and he would be able to change it at once. Without validation rule this could be missed and wrong type of information be entered in the database therefore making an error and less efficient database. Null values are essentially "nothing there" fields or rather called so blank spaces in the database and can cause frustrating errors that would damage how the database works because database is unable to process what is it told. Null values can be left on unintentionally and still cause problems later in the database, however this can be avoided with the help of validation rule as I have talked about previously message box could appear notifying user that specific field cannot be left blank.