Energy proposal for design of an inverter

Energy crisis is one of the biggest problems in
developing countries. There is a big gap between generation and demand of
Electric energy. Since the deposits of Non-renewable energy are limited, the
only solution is to use Renewable energy. Solar energy which is present in
abundance can play a vital role to overcome the energy deficiency. The
potential of solar voltaic energy can also be exploited for averting
environmental pollution and managing atmospheric emission. This research paper
provides a proposal for design of an inverter using dual axis solar tracker
installed on rooftop. The paper focuses on presenting the structure and application
of a microcontroller based dual axis solar tracker which tracks the direction
of the solar radiation thereby adjusting the movement of solar panel
accordingly. This facilitates the sun to remain perpendicular to the PV panel
throughout the day which makes the total energy received to be increased by
50-60%. The energy hence received gets stored in a chargeable battery. This
battery has an inverter attached to it so that whenever there is a power-cut,
the stored energy may be used to light up the appliances. The stated research
aims at minimizing the dependence on power from national grid station to meet
the daily energy requirements in both urban and rural areas of the country.

As the world population increases, the demand for
energy also increases. We are using oil and coal as the main sources of energy.
It is expected that oil and coal will vanish from earth during the current
century. It will then become very difficult to provide the world a reliable and
cheaper source of energy. Use of renewable energy like solar energy, wind
energy, gas, biomass, water will be beneficial in overcoming this energy
crisis. In warm countries, the most easily available and cheaper resource of
energy is solar energy. Solar energy is attractive because it is present in abundance
and gives a needful solution to harmful fossil fuel emissions and global
climate change. On an average 1,73,000 TW of solar energy is received by Earth
which is extremely high than the current annual global energy consumption rate
of about 15 TW, and any conceivable requirement in the future . Solar power is
genesis for all the types of energy. This energy can be used in two ways.
Firstly, in the form of Thermal power wherein drying, heating, cooking or
generation of electricity can be done by using the heat and secondly in the
Photovoltaic form in which solar energy is converted into electricity that is
being used for several purposes like lighting, pumping and generation of

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Power from the sun can be transformed through
photovoltaic (PV) module. The effectiveness of solar module be determined by
sun power, if the power is greater then productivity is more. Then the location
of sun constantly changes all over the day, the power of sun rays is not
constant on PV module. So, for receiving extra sun rays on PV module solar
tracker plays a dynamic role. A solar tracker is a device for working a solar
photovoltaic panel, particularly in solar cell uses and needs high degree of
precision to guarantee that the focused sunlight is devoted exactly on to the
power device 1