Eating right Essay

Eating right is a great way to remain healthy and in shape. In this paper I will discuss my current eating habits, as well as recommendations that the super tracker has made for me to reach my Ideal weight compared to my current eating habits. How to modify my diet to use the six classes of nutrients, and the recommended servings for each food group. I will be identifying the six classes of nutrients and explain overall nutrient intake that effects health. Lastly I will be explaining how my new diet and nutrient intake will affect my current and future health.

My current eating habits are crazy right now, I eat anything that I want but I am always complaining about wanting to lose weight. Some days I wake up and I do not want to eat breakfast, and then I will snack until lunch time, and then eat a light lunch, and by the time dinner rolls around I am starving so I pile on the meats, and carbohydrates. Then there are other days when I am starving when I get up in the morning and I eat a bagel for breakfast, and then my lunch is heavy, and my dinner is light.

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Then I have the days to where I will eat a small breakfast and eat heavy for lunch and dinner. I absolutely do not count the calories, or check the fats and sugars nor the carbohydrates. I eat and drink when I want and whatever I want. It sucks because before I had my two boys I would eat everything and not gain weight, however since I have had children I have went from a size zero to a size 16 and back down to a size 11. I know that it is because of my crazy eating habits and lack of dieting but I am ready to start making a change.

Eating right helps to remain healthy and in shape. My current diet is within the means of the recommendations that I had received from the super tracker. For example According to University of Phoenix Super Tracker (2013), I should consume no more than 2200 calories per day and so far for the last three days I have consumed between 1169 and 1801 calories per day. On Day one I was sick so I did not eat as much as I usually eat so I ate about three hundred and one calories. I ate fifty percent of refined grains one percent vegetables, and five percent whole fruit.

On the second day I had gotten my appetite back a little so I ate a little more than usual so I ate sixty one percent of refined grains, thirty seven percent of vegetables, eighteen percent of fruit juice, twelve percent of dairy, and eighty six percent protein. On the last day I consumed 2,987 calories in all, ninety two percent of that was refined grains, seventy one percent of that was vegetables, thirty eight percent was cheese, milk, and yogurt, and fifty six percent was protein. In all three days I had consumed a total of 5, 089 calories out of the 7,000 calories that I was allowed to consume.

I can modify my diet by eliminating the sugars and extra carbohydrates such as the little Debbie cakes, and white fudge covered pretzels. Replacing my sugary loves with apples, oranges, and grapes as well as carrots with fat free ranch will help my diet plan a whole lot, as long as I eat the adequate serving amounts. Also I can replace my sodas and fruit juices with water. And Gatorades and other sugar free drinks as well as sugar free juices. Zelman (2005-2013), “Some nutrient rich foods that I can to my diet that I love eating are watermelon, Sweet potatoes, and beans” (Nutrient Rich Foods).

I already love these foods so eating them on a regular to add more nutrients to my daily diet will be no problem. “The six classes of nutrients are water, protein, carbohydrates fats, vitamins, and lastly minerals” (Morrison, 2007). Water is the most critical nutrient! Its functions are transport, chemical reactions, temperature maintenance, lubrication, etc. Getting an adequate amount of water daily helps to prevent water deprivation, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, as well as death.

A few of the reasons why people do not drink an adequate amount of water is because it tastes bad, or because they do not know the amount of water they are supposed to drink on a daily basis which is 8 to 10 glasses per day. Carbohydrates is an energy source, a building block for other nutrients, the dietary excess is stored as fat. Two main components of carbohydrates are crude fiber, and nitrogen free extract. Next we have fats or lipids which are the main source of energy, our source of body heat, insulation, and body protection.

Proteins are the fourth class of nutrients which is also the most expensive ingredient in ration, it is our source of essential Amino Acids, and its functions are our basic structural unit. Protein is needed in metabolism, hormones, and antibody as well as our DNA production. Now we have minerals and there are two classes of minerals which are the major minerals and the minor minerals. The minerals functions are to help with skeleton production, protein synthesis, oxygen transport, fluid and acid-base balance in body, enzyme reactions.

Lastly vitamins functions and requirements increase with age, and an excess amount of vitamins may lead to diseases. My overall nutrient intake affects my current health because if I did not get enough nutrients on a daily basis I would be sick. My new diet and nutrient intake will affect my current health by providing me with a balanced amount of each nutrient that I need on a daily basis. In return I will have an adequate amount of energy. I will feel better daily, and I will be overall healthier.

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