Eagle Legal Services Proposal for Network Essay

1.0 Executive Summary

Today almost all the businesses are running over the communication networks. The high-speed flow of information and capacity to deliver heavy data is need of every business in order to have integration and communication with other concerned parties. By installation network in Eagle Legal Service (ELS), the lawyers and legal assistants can share data, resources, application etc rapidly and they can get quick access to the clients and customers. By creating a Website for ELS, the customers and lawyers can easily coordinated with each other. Although the initial investment is high, but the ROI will definitely cover the costs within couple of years.

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2.0 Rationale

The ELS should establish a computer network in its renovated building because their main job of ELS is to provide consultancy services to people. Therefore in order provide its customers with timely information, in a least cheap medium; the installation of network is necessary, which will provide integrated information and services to its clients. With the help of networking, ETS would be able to share useful resources among the lawyers and legal assistants. On the other side, establishing resource sharing in stand-alone environment is now an outdated concept and is very time consuming.

3.0 Peer to Peer or Client Server

There are two basic categories of network: Peer-to-peer (P2P) and Server-based. The advantages of P2P are that its implementation is simple because it is useful for small group of computers i.e. up to 10 computers. P2P requires low cost of installation as there is no additional device required, except the cable. Where as, Server-based network caters more thousand computers at a time. Although, the basic of installation is a bit high, as a dedicated server is required, but the resource sharing becomes really fast, and computers are only acting as clients. A more significant advantage that server-based provides is that it is secured and resource sharing can be monitored, whereas P2P is unsecured. In case of ELS, Served-based network is highly recommended, firstly because the numbers of users are more and they keep on increasing. Secondly, providing security and privacy is a key issue in which type of business.

4.0 Operating System

The most common OS platform is MS Window. Most of the Websites are accustomed to Windows edition. Window Sever edition has been a successful platform for networking. Other recommended OS platform is Linux/Unix, because of its technical features. Both Windows and Linux provide user friendliness and are independent platforms, allowing multi-user sharing.

5.0 Network Topology

Each topology has its pros and cons. But when we decide among ring, star and bus, the Star topology is the most suitable one as there is a centralized hub, connected to each computer. It can also cater heavy traffic and provide security as well. Whereas in both ring and bus, even if one computer breakdowns, the entire network is affected, which is not the case in Star. But when we make a hybrid Star-Bus topology, this problem can be rectified.

6.0 Data Transmission Technology

The most suitable data transmission technology that can support and get compatible with topology and network infrastructure of ELS is T-carriers lines. Although DSL technology is has higher bandwidth than T lines, but DSL is more suitable with telephone connections. The other transmission technologies are now quite old and slow. The ELS should adapt T3 lines.

As the preferred OS platform for ELS is MS Windows, so the most suitable communication protocols for Windows are TCP/IP and NetBui. The TCP/IP protocol allows the integration with other network protocols such as HTTP, FTP, and STML etc. The NetBui is useful for Local Area Network (LAN) connections. Although IPX/SX is a good protocol but it supports the Novell NetWare OS.

In order to create communication among computer nodes, the Ethernet or Network Adapter cards (NAC) are required. Once the basic network and communication technologies are selected, now the need of Switch, Hub and Router is to be determined. The installation of these devices depends upon the requirement, however, in case of ETS, the most recommended device is to install Switch, which will can help in extending the LAN and can also connecting more than two networks.

Although, the fiber-optics are most fastest and have the most capacity of carrying data, but are very expensive and requires a heavy infrastructure expertise to handle. The most recommended is to provide Ethernet connection, which are relatively cheap and cater a fair enough distance. Along with Ethernet, couple of hop-pots can be installed, as the most of the laptops and mobiles have infrared and blue-tooth in it.

The overall of installation Network for the new renovated building is approximately $55,500, which include the cost of all the devices and components required. The following are the details of the initial cost of installing the network.

Proposal for Network

Statement of Costs

Initial Investment
Server Operating System
Other Software
Cable Installation
Network Setup and Configuration
Backup Media and Safe
Staff Training

Total Cost


Ongoing Monthly Costs

Cost per Month
Monthly Network Consulting Service

Internet Access

Total Ongoing Monthly Costs



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