due The main source of differentiation for

due to buyers perceiving differences between the Tesla product and the competitors. The
difference does not have to be big, but the innovations Tesla are making dissociate from
others. The differentiation does not only happen with the product but with the entire brand.
The main source of differentiation for this product are in the product’s functional aspects.
There are differences in the reduction cost of cargo transport, while increasing safety and
making it really fun to operate.

As to the positioning strategy, Tesla Semi Truck, the new vehicle aims to provide their
costumers the best experience in cargo transports. Drivers’ comfort being highlight, for the
high quality, and saving over time, especially because private driver’s isn’t the target
audience. Fleet operators looking to keep costs low are a different audience altogether. The
positioning strategy will also focus on the positioning of the brand between competitors, as
the goal for the new product is to be the most innovative truck and to fulfill the costumers
need. Tesla Semi truck will become over time the leading electric-car company’s and the most
innovative one.

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3. 3 The marketing mix, or 4P, is composed by:
Product: Tesla, originally called “Tesla Motors”, is a company specialized in electric

automotive, energy storage and solar panel manufacturing. The company is based in
California and was founded in 2003. Their best seller is the “Model S”, a plug-in electric car.
On November 16th 2017, they presented their new product called “Semi”, which is supposed
to be produced in 2019. “Semi” is the first juggernaut presented by Tesla. This is an electric
truck that will go from 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds (against 20 seconds for a regular truck). It
will be composed by 4 electric motors, and its autonomy will be around 800km when it’s fully
charged (38 tons). Semi will be equipped by a new system called “Enhanced Autopilot”; it
will be able to follow another truck. It will also be equipped with cameras and captors, to
avoid blind spot, and with an automatic braking system.
“Semi” will be the first electric truck on the market.

Price: Tesla uses a premium pricing strategy. This technique includes utilizing high
value focuses based on uniqueness or high esteem ascribed to the organization’s items. For
instance, clients will pay generally high costs for Tesla cars, which are seen progressed as far
as innovation and biology. Along these lines, development and item configuration are
noteworthy factors in effectively utilizing this evaluating procedure. Premium valuing

concurs with Tesla’s nonexclusive procedure of separation, which underlines uniqueness of

Place: An association offers its items through such settings. In the case of Tesla, the
following placed are utilized:
Official Company Website
Company-owned Stores and Galleries

Company-owned Service Centers
Clients can check the “Semi” at organization claimed stores and displays situated in malls and
other areas. However, clients need to utilize the brand’s website to finish sales transactions.
Additionally, the organization owns its administration centers, where clients can get to repair
and maintenance services, and where the firm can render benefits as a feature of its business
contracts. The place component of Tesla emphasizes significant corporate control on the sale
and distribution of products.

Promotion: To promote “Semi”, Tesla needs to use viral marketing. Viral marketing
has the biggest contribution in the company’s ability to communicate with customers. Tesla
needs to use public relations to boost its popularity. For example, they can present the
advantages of the product, and highlight the fact that this product is brand new on the market.

4. As we are launching another vehicle, it is essential to gauge its prosperity and its
development in the market. In order to check whether planned objectives have been achieved,
at the end of its first year Tesla Semi will do annual control, by measuring the market share
and analyze sales. We will gather data about the market we will work in, dissect our potential
rivals and concentrate on their qualities and shortcomings. Also, we will look at the trends of
the moment to satisfy our customers in the best of ways. Additionally, productivity of the item
and of the line on its entire will be controlled, to assess and enhance the effect of promoting
use. Lastly a marketing controller position will be established in order to measure Tesla Semi