Django the cemetery which explains why he

Django takes place in a United States- Mexico border town. The movie starts off with Maria being whipped by Mexican bandits. The mexicans are then shot and killed by Major Jackson’s men because they are racist. The men then attempt to kill Maria by burning her on a cross. These men are then shot and killed by Django which is pretty impressive as they definitely outnumbered him. Django takes Maria to a neutral town nearby. He takes her to a bar and pays one of the prostitutes to allow Maria to sleep in her room for the night. Once she is in the room we find out Maria used to work as a prostitute here but ran away from Major Jackson to the Mexicans. Major Jackson, an ex-confederate officer, comes to the bar to get protection money from Nathaniel, the bar owner. Some of Major Jackson’s men try to force one of the prostitutes who appears to be mexican to be with them after she rejects them and so Django confronts them. Django then ends up shooting and killing all the men Major Jackson has brought with him. He says he has one bullet left but that it wouldn’t be fair for him to kill Major Jackson as would be taking advantage and it wouldn’t be right. After asking Major Jackson how many men he has left, Django tells him to bring all forty eight of them next time in order for him to have the advantage. When Major Jackson returns with the forty eight men, Django finally reveals what is in the coffin that he has been carrying with him everywhere. He pulls out a machine gun from the coffin and is able to swiftly kill most of the men. While burying the bodies Django reveals that a woman that he loved was killed by Major Jackson and visits her grave in the cemetery which explains why he wants to kill him. A General and his revolutionaries arrive to the border town and quickly capture someone who is working as a spy for Major Jackson. Instead of just shooting the spy which is what I was expecting they cut off his ear and made him eat it first which was just a lot more violent. It turns out that the General and Django know each other as Django has saved him in prison. Django shows his machine gun to the General who is very impressed and tells him where he can buy nine other ones just like it. The General says that he does not have enough money for that and so Django makes a plan with him to steal gold from Major Jackson which is in Fort Charriba.  Django and the General are able to steal the gold by hiding in Nathaniel’s cart since he is allowed in to bring prostitutes to the soldiers. However, the General, Hugo, refuses to give Django any of the gold until he is power. Django then steals the gold by distracting the guards with a prostitute and hides the gold in his coffin. Maria ends up running away with Django because she loves him.  Django wants her to stay back as he is worried that she will be killed just like his past lover. As they are arguing the coffin containing the gold and the machine gun falls into quicksand and Django jumps in attempt to save it. As Maria is trying to save Django she is hit by General Hugo’s men. Django is pulled out of the quicksand and both of his hands are broken with the back of a gun. Django carries Maria back to the bar and tells Nathaniel to tell Major Jackson that he will be waiting for him in the cemetery. The movie ends with Django killing Major Jackson and all of the men be brought with him by using the cross on his past lover’s grave to hold the gun since his hands are broken.