Disadvantages of Missing School Essay

There is really no advantages of missing school it play a big role in our every day life. As I was young my mother always pressed on me how important school really is. It took me to get older and learn from experience that going to class is important but actually learning something at school is even more important. There are many people I see every day that probably could have been something or somebody if they had learned something while in school.

I have made a mistake to not attend school and by not attending I missed out on a lot of school work, projects, school parties and even made bad grades because of the lack of knowledge of the assignment that we where doing at the time. Missing school hurt me more then I ever thought it would because I thought I was cheating the system but I found out in the end I was cheating my self. To be smart take work, and work take time, time is something valued, and depending on how you spend it, it can either make you or break you in life.

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Many years ago they had many people slaved wishing they could learn and attend school. The same thing we take for granted is one of the major causes of why a lot of blacks still to this day are in slaved not to the white men but to the government that we are ran by. Many of the poor blacks have to look to the government for a why to live causing them to be slaved to the government because with out the government there is know way for there survival in life. Missing school cause you to lack in education the more you know the better off you will be in life.