Develop your own: “Today I have to do what I have to do today” Essay

1. This quote that I chose as my personal statement of drive empowers me by reminding me to stay motivated and focused to the task at hand no matter how big or small the task may be. It is a way of looking at life for what it is, a whole set of moments, experiences and instances where nothing and everything can be defined. This may appear as a simplistic way of looking at things but it is really a mantra of sorts. One day I may have to do nothing except relax, enjoy life and spend time with those important to me. Another day it may be of a much more serious nature like bury a family member, end a relationship or confront a violent person.

One day I may have to do nothing of any significant value, another I may have to act in order to save a life, possibly my own. I may wake up in the morning aware that I have to do this, or not, either way this is my statement for staying positive and having a goal for each and every day. By looking at each thing for what it is I can clearly define all those things of importance. By avoiding these moments or tasks I could make life harder for myself. I have to do what I have to do in order to get it done and keep myself happy for a job well done.

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Reminding myself daily of this simple fact ‘drives’ me by taking the time each and everyday to prompt myself for what is to come and to “not sweat the small stuff” (a very good quote by the way, but not mine). Life is one big lesson and by continuously learning and doing the things I must I keep my goals and perspective in check and orientated. 2. Personality vrs Character Ethics Despite the fact that the article tends to lean very strongly on character ethics as holding more value than personality I believe that both have important elements.

There is no true way to guarantee that the character of the person is true despite how outward appearance and character appear based on their personality. It is a cliche but how many news reports have we seen of people talking to a reporter about how their neighbor was a nice quite respected member of their community and they just cant believe that he /she just killed 5 people and buried them in their basement. This is an extreme an example but demonstrates that outward appearance could be just that, outward.

Based on this I would defiantly favor the character ethics of this discussion. This section of the debate also seems to focus on the long term and to devote personal development as a life long goal. The result of a good character comes from perseverance and dedication. The character of a person is much more important than personality. When it boils down to it one can be an honest person who severely lacks in social skills but when needed that person always does the right thing and makes the best decision based on ethics and not personal gain.

Where as the some one who outwardly appears to be the kindest, warmest most giving person could in fact be a pathological liar completely void of a conscience. I’m sure the thousands of people who fall victims to frauds and scam every day did not think that their perpetrator was a bad person. I also feel that the time involved in character ethics lends more to the seriousness and importance as apposed to personality. Someone can make a decision to change a personality trait tomorrow, it takes time to change the way someone believes.

3. If I could develop a curriculum for a school I would start with giving more freedom to decision at a younger age. In a perfect society budget restraints would not be a consideration in secondary school education. If this rang true then students could and would be given a much larger selection of educational choices. My education program would make arts and appreciation there of just as mandatory and important as math and science(s). I feel that some material in high school, is mandatory to individuals that just can’t or will never ever apply it to the rest of their lives.

My curriculum would also involve a mandatory mentoring program as I feel there is no better lessons in life then life lessons and who better to teach them then those who have experienced them. A student with the dreams of becoming a rock star no matter how frivolous or unpractical it may be to parents, teachers and everyone else should have the opportunity and be encouraged to do so. So what if they don’t make it, life is full of disappointments but having the right people surrounding these youth could and would allow for such personal development that life would be a lesson learned instead of a mistake made.

I think another important aspect is practical skills. When I went to high school algebra and pre-calculus were required skills where economics was not. Well since my graduation I have never once needed to know the co-tangent of a right angle but I have had to complete an income tax form, something I never learned in school. And who better to teach these skills then people from the community, to develop more relationships between school and the community. This way there may be less of a division between generations and as a result more understanding. . The most significant moment in my life was losing my grandfather. At the time it was the worst thing that I had experienced. As I grew older I realized that all people die and that it is just a part of life. The significant lies in the importance of our relationship. My grandfather was a real influence on me and we had as close a relationship as I have ever had. It wasn’t until years later I realized that my grandfather loved me so much due to the tragic loss of his own son, my uncle when he was accentually shot when he was twelve.

I had gone away for a weekend when I was 16, the first time I was allowed to go away by myself and when I got home there was a note on the kitchen counter that everyone was at the hospital. I rushed there to find my family in a room with my grandfather. He had a serious drop in his blood pressure and he was rushed to the hospital the night before. I visited him every evening that week and on Friday morning when walking to school I had this strange feeling that I should go see him instead. I didn’t go to my classes that morning and instead went to the hospital.

As I walked into the room I was met by my mother and aunt who had a very serious look on their face. ‘Grampy’ had taken a stroke and was in very poor shape. As he laid there in bed with a team of doctors and nurses working around him he just looked at me. At one point his hand reached out. We were asked to wait outside and that was the last time I saw my grandfather alive. It was the first time I had ever lost someone close to me and it really effected me. As a result I have always had a deep respect for my grandfather and have always tried to be someone he would be proud of.

I still don’t know exactly why I had to go to the hospital that morning but later it proved to be the best decision I have ever made. I would have hated not to have seen him one last time. I have had other moments of great importance in some context more significant but this was the first and the most remembered. 5. The most significant event in my profession life is still a struggle for me at times and I still reflect on it almost daily. I was once accused of doing something that I was completely innocent of in a professional setting.

As a result I lost my job despite clear evidence that I was not responsible and that my supervisor and a co-worker were completely at fault. I made every effort to correct the situation but because my supervisor held a position above me I was unable to prove my innocence and in fact placed trust in the wrong person. Even after my termination I fought to prove that I was not guilty of what they accused me of. In the end I was fighting a losing battle as I was fighting a system that was not going to admit any wrong doing. It caused a lot of grief for me and as a result I really let it effect my self esteem and my confidence in others.

To this day I am a very private person because I feel I can not trust those in my work place even though there is no reason to suspect anyone. In some ways I can not say I have completely overcame that because of how it made me feel and how I blamed them and myself for trusting them. However it was a very valuable lesson and I tell myself everyday that there was nothing I could have done to prevent this and to stop blaming myself. It has made me more cautious in life and as a result I am a stronger person today. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

I really enjoyed the first question of this exercise and hope to expand on these type of personal enhancing modules. 6. Five key elements of define a goal. Make a goal, regardless of what it is, size and scope. State what it is you hope to achieve. To identify any problems or issues to that may be an obstacle to reaching the goal. To make a plan identifying the steps involved in achieving the goal. To put the plan in action and not stop until you have reached the end and have achieved the desired result. I think the most important part of defining any goal is to have a clear understanding of what it is one hopes to achieve.

Having a plan may seem like a mundane or common sense approach regardless of the size and scope of ones goals but it can really be a key component. If the goal is to pay of debt, get an education, lose 50 lbs or buy a house in 5 years then trying to execute the goal would be near impossible and destine to fail with out said plan. Motivation is another key aspect. A long term goal can and most likely will face obstacles but having a plan and identify those potentials for problems to occur can either help to reduce or mitigate the chances of those things to occur. . I hope to gain a better perspective of organization of goals. I hope to have a better outlook on personal development. What I hope to gain more than any other aspect is the key to getting and staying motivated. I hope to hear how successful people gain and maintain motivation and drive. 8. Three dreams: To fall in love with a truly good person. To be successful in my career AND be happy doing it. To travel to as many foreign countries as possible in my life.