Data need more time on learning GeoGebra.

Data will be collected based on
pre-test result, post-test result and recording of observation done. The result
will be processed using statistical analysis. The recording of observation will
be used to see how creative a student can solve the task or whether they need
more time on learning GeoGebra.

      The researcher used the Kolmogorov Smirnov Test to determine data normality. Chua (2008) stated that if Kolmogorov’s decision is not significant (sig > 0.05),  the data assumed as normal distribution. The reasearcher will conduct normality test. If the normality test shows the data not distributed normally, reasearcher still can further to inferential analysis because the sample size more than 30 refer to Pallant (2011).            For inference statistic, paired sample t-test will be used to  compare to independent groups of participants and the data collected from those groups. This type of statistical test may be applied to look at the pre-test and post-test scores for a group of students of didactical situations.            Expected Findings

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            Based on the objectives of the study,
a didactical situation designed by the researcher to implement on students with
the aid of GeoGebra. It is expected that this didactical situation include
GeoGebra will support students’ creative reasoning on problem solving. This
didactic situation should not provide students with a method to solve the given
task. Researcher expectation to make all the students involved in didactical situation
managed to construct a solution engaged in creative reasoning in problem


            Geogebra is expected to be potential
to visualize mathematicsl representation to which students may benefit to engage
in problem solving. Student interaction with GeoGebra will support the students
by giving feedback. When students act on GeoGebra, the interface wwill change
based on the action and students may use it as feedback.


            Further expectation from this study
is to get a positive impact of diadatic situation using Geogebra on creative
reasoning among primary students. It is expected that didactical situation
engages students in creative reasoning and therefore has potential to promote
development of reasoning competence. The activities in didactical design
implemented will enhance creative reasoning.