Count of Monte Cristo Essay

In the book, The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas is about a man named Edmund Dantes. He started off with a great life. Then his life turned upside down and he was put in jail and he was betrayed by people who were close to him. He was accused of being a Bonapartist. When he gets out of jail he wants to receive revenge on all of the people who betrayed him. Once he is out of jail, all of his old friends will now become his enemies. Therefore Dantes’ revenge wasn’t justified. Other people believe that Dantes’ revenge was justified.

Some may think this because Dantes was put into a harsh place for such a long time while everyone else he knew was living their life outside of prison. For being kept in such a cruel place for so long, Dantes would have had to think about all of that everyday which eventually caused Dantes to lose it. First of all, Villefort is talking to Dantes about killing his family. “’Look Edmund Dantes,” said Villefort, pointing to the dead bodies of his wife and son. “Are you satisfied with your vengeance! ’ (373). This evidence supports the assertion because Dantes killed Villefort’s family through pure rage. Dantes shouldn’t have killed Villefort’s family because his family didn’t do anything to Dantes. Instead of Dantes killing his innocent family, he just should have killed Villefort for betraying Dantes. Secondly, once Villefort finds horrid news; he is shocked and heartbroken that his lovely daughter has been murdered. “’have mercy! Oh my god, have mercy! ”’ murmured Villefort beside himself (323).

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Everyone thinks that valentine is dead so it brings down everyone in the family, especially Villefort. Dantes is receiving revenge by causing so much pain to the family of Villefort over the loss of a loved one. Instead of Dantes hurting the Villefort family, he should have just hurt the one who had caused him pain, Villefort. Finally, Dantes is disguised as the count and is taking money away from Danglars which is supposed to be going the hospital. “’One, two, three, four, five,” counted the count of Monte Cristo, “five million, the amount shall be paid in cash” (348).

This evidence supports my assertion because the money that the count took from Danglars was supposed to go to the hospital. The count took five million francs from Danglars and caused him to go bankrupt. This effected Danglars very badly because he loved money a lot. When he went bankrupt he fled the country and then killed himself. Instead of causing Danglars to go suicidal, Dantes should have took the money and made him suffer by being alone with nothing for such a long time just as Dantes had done.

Last but not least, Dantes was a strong man until he was broken in prison, once he had escaped from prison he wanted vengeance for everything that has been done to him unfairly. Because of this Edmund Dantes took his revenge too far. His revenge is not justified! Just think if you had been betrayed by everyone that you were close too and then your best friend had stolen your future wife, and you had more than ten years to think about that every day and what you were going to do if you got out…