Contextual According within this situation, the economy


Contextual Information

Sao Tome Principe is the second
smallest Africa country located in the Gulf of Guinea about 300 kilometers from
the west coast of Africa.

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The orographic features of the land
and the country’s location next to the equatorial line provide impressive and
strikingly beautiful scnery with lush vegetation distributed by valleys, some
of them very rough, crossed by numerous rivers and streams.  


Where equator line interest in
Greenwich Meridian. The country is composed by two islands Sao Tome and
Principe, the two islands were discovered by Portugal in 1470.

Sao Tome and Principe about a dozen
islets, incluindg the Cabra, Santana, Rolas,, crossed by the Equator line, Sete
Pedras, Cocos, Jale, Catarino, Quixiba, Gabado, and Corocora, associated with
the island Sao Tome. The islets of Bom Bom, Portinho, Bone de Joquei,
Mosteiros, Caroco, Tinhosa Grande and Tinhosa Pequena are located around the
Principe Island.

The archipelago resulted from volcanic
eruptions in underwater platforms and has a total area of 1001 kilometers
square in the Atlantic Ocean.




These islands were inhabited, and
the Portuguese brought the people from the different part of coast of Africa
such as; Gabon, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Togo, later Angolan,
Mozambique, Capo Verde. According with the tropical climatic aspects for the
island, it was good for other agriculture, then the Portuguese brought new
planation of sugar and later the coffee and coca. All this planation, the
Portuguese used slavery to achieve profit, within that sense, in the end during
19th century there was an international agreement to eliminate
slavery. Sao Tome Principe became independent in 12th July 1975,
under Monopolistic Party dominated by socialism vision. According within
this situation, the economy decreased continuously, but today the government
defined a strategy vison in diversified economy. Furthermore the focus is in
the developed tourism sector.

In addition, taking into account
Sao Tome and Principe struggled within the Finance economy, I potentially
discovered and used our human resource such us: diaspore potential to promote
the country and bring some revenues for the country in different varies of
perspectives. By the way, I analysed our world today and took some advantage
for network in our global world.


The Excel exhibition


WTM is one of the biggest International Tourism Industry
Trade Shows. This Business Fairs, reflects as an opportunity platform, on the
other hand as results immediate. During the WTM, there are several brands and
sales of various products, offers and demand, in a perspective to obtain an
integration capable of specifically configuring to be added to the decision
making that move as strategic of the companies that impose themselves in the
market. In addition, experience in the diversified areas of knowledge of innovative
technologies is made possible, making possible to awaken the commercial sector,
raising the competitiveness of the demanding globalized market, and promoting
business tourism, thus contributing to growth the country.