Civic Mirror Essay

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate my success in the Hex Auction 6 out of 10. This is because I was unable to buy many hexes that I aimed for due to lack of money. The one thing that I think I did really well during the auction was raising the prices of the hexes because many citizens needed them, so they were willing to pay anything just to own the property. This also caused their money to decrease and left and advantage for me, because they had less money towards the auction which meant they would not be able to afford the rest of the hexes.

Furthermore, the one thing that I wish I could have done over was, I wish I had not bought the security hex. This is because I was not aiming to buy that hex, but just trying to raise the price. I did this because I thought that since the government had promised to provide us citizens with access to free security they would buy the hex both ways. This proved me wrong when they stopped bidding right after I had said a price. In other words, I didn’t really need to buy the security hex. It basically caused me to go in a type of loss, because after buying that I was unable to afford anything else. The main part of the Hex Auction was the thing that the government did that frustrated me. This was, when any citizen went towards buying an un-residential hex (i. e. ; education, health, etc. ) the government would threaten them by saying “if you guys buy those hexes, then we will not supply it free to the rest of the community. ” This frustrated me because during the elections, when the party was stating their platforms – they had not made us aware that if we bought an un-residential hex that they are planning to, they will then change their platform and deny of offering it to the rest of the nation.

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Surprisingly, there was not a single thing that the government had done that had impressed me. Lastly, after the Hex Auction the most important question that comes to my mind is that, the government had not said that we could not buy specific hexes. So why was the government saying that if we buy it, they won’t provide us access to it for free anymore. Isn’t that basically telling me and the rest of the community that you can’t stick to what you’ve said? Three goals that I have for myself regarding the Civic Mirror