Career Project Essay

Becoming a circus clown is the career I would like to achieve after my high school years. A career such as this may sound effortless and simply, but it involves both training and schooling. Many people don’t know that there are many different of clowns that you can become, but just like any other career you have to start with the basics. Being an athlete all my life, and playing sports like lacrosse which requires quick movement and balance will give me an advantage when I go for an audition and interview at Dell’ Arte International located in California which is a school I’d very much like to attend.

In this audition I will need to include my life story enacted by whatever means I chooser I must include my name, where I’m from, a song, and a movement sequence ranging from very simple to as complex as you can imagine (Dell’ Arte). I also need to perform two contrasting monologues, one from a classical drama and one from a contemporary comedy, each monologue being one minute long.

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A statement of purpose is required which is “The statement of purpose should be one page type written statement expressing your interest in the work we propose at the school, how you intend to engage the work, how you hope to change, how you want to apply the work to your life, and anything else you feel is at the heart of what you are searching for” (Dell’ Arte). Before I show up for my audition I will need to send them three letters of recommendation and the most recent photo of myself, I will also have to pay fifty dollars as an application fee.

I would be attending the three year program as a total the tuition is $51,750 (Dell’ Arte). Both financial aid and scholarships are available. Although I will not need financial aid I will be applying for scholarship money. In Dell’ Arte I will be in a program called the Professional Training Program. Being a circus clown is a job that is always exciting, which is why I want to become one. It is something that never gets boring because you’re always learning new tricks or making people laugh.

The biggest satisfaction of it all is making the people laugh knowing you lightened their day just a little bit. The Big Apple Circus clowns participate in a program called Clown Care which is what I’d like to start off my circus clown career doing. This program was established for sick children in hospitals. Clowns go from hospital to hospital visiting these children doing little acts to make them laugh. “Ministering to sick children goes beyond medication and technology.

When a child begins to laugh it means he’s probably beginning to feel better. I see the clowns as healers” (Dr, John M. Driscoll). Although there are many other ways to help sick children I think making them laugh is the best thing you can do for them, this reason alone is the reason I chose to go into this career. There is always room in the future for a job as a clown, especially if you’re good at it. I do not want to be a clown that host birthday parties and such you’re never promised work.

I want to be a performing clown in the Big Apple Circus. In this field jobs are available, but you’d have to pass the audition. Being a Circus Clown for the Big Apple Circus has both positive and negative aspects to it. It is a stable job, unless the circus starts doing poorly or I get injured and cannot return back to my clown career then I will have to find a new job and my income would be much lower. Just like any other job you start out with a lower salary but as I am in the circus longer and improve as a clown then my salary will increase.

This job will not make me extremely wealthy, so if you’re looking to be very rich I don’t recommend this type of career. As a Big Apple Circus clown you are expected to travel around the country with the show that is a disadvantage to you if you wanted to have a family. You will be spending most of your time with the other members of the cast. The advantages to this job are you get all your benefits, plus a salary. They also provide housing, all meals and tour transportation when you’re on the road. There is lots of room to grow in the clown career.

The longer you are in the circus the more you’re salary goes up, and the more your skills will improve. This job is a lifetime of learning, once you learn one trick there is always a new one to master. The more you master the better performing clown you become. Clowning work often extends beyond the actually performance. Before the show begins the clowns dress up to greet the audience, pose for pictures with them, pass out stickers, and offer glimpses behind the scenes (Crosby Olivia). They also promote the circus on television by doing commercials. They slip, fall, juggle, flip over, balance large objects, throw pies, spit water, and play tricks on each other to entertain the audience” (Crosby Olivia). The audience plays a very big role when it comes to a clown’s performance. Even though most of the act is already choreographed and have been practiced over and over again doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. Clowns are inspired by their audiences to try new facial expressions or add new twists to their acts. This flexibility brings excitement to the performance (Crosby Olivia).


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