Canada the safest place to live Essay


All Canadian immigration consultants including the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)—the official source of immigration and citizenship information—make reference to the enviable reputation earned by Canada being “considered to be the best country to live and has been rated as such by the United Nations for more than eight years in a row” (Can-Asia, 2004).

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But come to think of these recent gruesome crime events amidst that reputation: “In April, 2002, [the] head, hands and feet [of Sereena Abotsway] were found in a bucket in a freezer on” a suspect’s “property,” reports Carrigg (2007). The accused “serial killer” is Robert Pickton, 57, is “on trial in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster for the first six of the 26 first-degree murders he’s now charged with” which involve the murder of these six women: Andrea Joesbury, Mona Wilson, Sereena Abotsway, Marnie Frey, Georgina Papin and Brenda Wolfe.

Carrigg (2007) reports the wickedness of these killings in the “recordings” of the suspect’s “formal interrogation,” such as: “about fifteen other people are gonna go down. Some will go down the tank,” Pickton was quoted as having said; one of Pickton’s associates, Lynn Ellingsen, “saw Pickton skinning a woman in his slaughterhouse”; “police found three of the missing women’s heads and their hands and feet on the Pickton farm as well as bones and teeth from other alleged victims … Police also recovered DNA from bones on the farm that matched the DNA from a skull found on the side of the road in Mission in 1995.”

Carrigg (2007) provides a miniscule profile of Pickton: one who “bragged about being world famous and made continual reference to being a pig farmer”; an individual who “had a horse, Goldy, that was dear to him. That the horse got sick and he had a vet put the horse down and had the head mounted in his trailer”; and a person who lost his 100 pigs to a fire in his farm.

Although Pickton “accepts those body parts were found on the property … he denies he killed the women” writes Carrigg (2007).

Meanwhile, Kari ; Associates (2006) provides three types of serial killers, namely: (1) Thrill Seekers: See outsmarting law enforcement as a game, enjoy media attention, police pursuit, and evading the authorities. They send messages, and keep records; (2) Mission Oriented: Feel they are doing society a favor by eliminating certain people like prostitutes; (3) Power and Control: Enjoy the victim’s terror, suffering, and screaming. In addition to the three types are the Souvenirs & Serial Killers: [they] often keep mementos of their victims. The souvenirs and serial killers are of two categories, namely: (a) Souvenirs: Personal items allow the killer to enjoy the memories of the crime; and (b) A trophy can become something of a shrine.

I wish Canada would never be home to serial killers.


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