Boy at the Window Essay

Boy at the Window by Richard Wilbur is about a little boy who has pitty for a snowman and the snowman also feel pitty for the little boy. The both of them feel sorry for each other. The little boy starts to cry and the snowman is moved but, he has no wish to go inside and die. The snowman in turn drops one tear for the little boy. The little boy and the snowman misunderstood the different perception of each other’s life. How many times do we all at one point or another misunderstood the different perceptions of others lives?

In the poem “Boy at the Window” the little boy expresses the loss of innocence by being afraid of the snowman standing alone outside in the cold snow. “Seeing the snowman standing all alone”, “In the dusk and cold is more than he can bear”. (R. Wilbur Lines 1and 2) the boy starts to cry as he hears the wind and the loud moan. It’s like the boy is scared for himself and the snowman. “The small boy weeps to hear the wind prepare a night of gnashing and enormous moans”. (R. Wilbur lines 3and4) However, the snowman is content with being out in the cold snow but, doesn’t have a desire to be inside because he would melt (die). The snowman can only live in his world, yet he is still moved when the little boy cries. “The man of snow is, nonetheless, content, having no wish to go inside and die”. “Still, he is moved to see the youngster cry”. Both the little boy and the snowman show similarity of pitty for each other’s life and at the same time showing the same similarity of misunderstanding each other’s lives.

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This poem shows that we all live our own individual lives and yet, still we have no known complete understanding of the many ways others may live. 3 In conclusion, the little boy and the snowman may live different lives with the misunderstanding of how each other’s lives are. Being a little kid it’s hard to understand how we all live very different lives, like the little boy in the poem. As a little boy it showed his innocence of caring about the snowman. It shows how the little things we care about as a kid change as we grow up and become adults.


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