Birth control paper Essay

The use of birth control is a big issue that has come up many times in our lifetime. Especially for women, we have to make the choice whether or not to use it. It has its negative effects but it also has its positives. I am for the use of birth control. I believe, once a person has turned 18, they should have the right to say how they live their life and how they plan it. And with birth control, the young generation can be able to successfully planning their lives without hurting anyone.

One main reason teens and young adults use birth control is to prevent the risk of pregnancy. It isn’t as bad as people make it out though. Young adults want to be able to be intimate with their significant other without risking the possibility of starting a family too early in their lives. Most young adults in this generation have been informed by programs to help teens wait to have families and therefore have their futures panned out. These couples who use birth control, such as birth control pills or condoms, use them not because they don’t want to have children, but they simply can’t afford it at the time or are wanting to sustain a stable life before they do, for the child. If the child has a stable and healthy environment to grow up in, then its possibilities of growing up and contributing to society are higher than those who are born unexpectedly with less opportunities than others. According to the Teen Help website, 820,000 teenage girls become pregnant every year which means 34% of teenage girls become pregnant before they are 20. If birth control were to be banned, the world would see a lot more of teen parents. The country of China is currently dealing with a social problem right now of overpopulation, which means that the number of babies that are being born outnumber the number of people that are dying. There are many problems that arise with overpopulation.

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One of the problems if food. Food production and distribution would have to speed up to catch up with increasing number of mouths to feed which could cause many food shortages or increases in food costs to meet with the cost of demand. Another problem would be oil and gas. As the population grows, so does the need for energy and so we could possibly strain and exhaust the very few energy sources we have today. Overcrowding is one of the biggest problem stemming from overpopulation. We would have to fit more people into spaces made for less. Having more people in one area means there are more different opinions towards an issue. The more different opinions you have, the more likely it is that conflict will arise and the most severe thing that could happen, war could break out. Although many people see birth control as a negative thing, it has helped many people plan out their lives. With more and more teens learning about the positive effects of using birth control, we can only hope that the rate of teen pregnancy will lower. Planning out your life is important and I believe that is a right that we should always have.

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