Based the unemployment rate is high due

Based on Figure 1 for the year 2000 the percentage rate of unemployed in Italy is gradually decrease until year 2007. For the year 2007 the unemployment rate is 6.1% is the lowest unemployment rate in Italy. In year 2000 until year 2007, we can see that the government is trying to control the unemployment rate and provide a job to the unemployed. The worker is trying to find a job to improve their life so that the unemployment rate is decrease from year 2000 until year 2007. Next, Italy’s unemployment rate has been on the rise since year 2007 where unemployment rate was 6.1% and has risen to an unemployment rate of 8.3% in year 2010. Italy has been known for its diversified industrial economy. Italy divided into industrial north, which is run by private companies, and agricultural south, with high unemployment. Italy also has a sizable underground economy, they estimates accounts for as much as 15% of GDP. These activities are most common within the agriculture, construction, and service sectors. This may be a reason unemployment is low due to people dealing under the table and not trying to find a job. Italy’s labor force by occupation is 4.2% agricultural, 30.7% industrial, and 65.1% services. From year 2008 until year 2014, the unemployment rate in Italy is increases rapidly. The average age as of year 2010 in Italy was 43.7 years of age total population which are consist 42.3 years of age for males and 45.3 years of age for females. This may be another reason why the unemployment rate is high due to the people retiring and not looking for job. There is also a low birth rate in the Italy which is driving the median age up. Italy’s population is weakest resource due to lack of birth rates and increasing death rates. Another reason for birth rates in Italy being so low might also be that women have become more educated and have enter the workforce more over the years. So there are less young people looking for a job, which will be a reason why unemployment may increases. There also have been some policies on immigration, the government making it harder to become a legal resident of Italy so that the unemployment rate for other country worker in Italy is higher. There are some potential causes why Italy’s unemployment rate from year 2008 until year 2016 is higher. First, the sort of contacts young people work with this is a part of the problem is the country’s dual labour market is not unique to Italy. Young employees tend to get temporary contracts, while veteran insiders get tougher long-term contracts. During a recession, who get the temporary contracts will losses their job more than the workers who get the long-term contracts. Second, some teenager will go to university instead of working because more young people often choose higher education during a recession, as an alternative to a touch jobs market. Last, young Italians have struggled to get into work at the best of times. Based on the chart 1 below show that during year 2002 until year 2010, the percentage of people aged 15-29 not in education, employment or training, the highest EU country is Italy. It’s followed closely by Greece and Spain.