Barnes & Noble joined to Barnes

Barnes & Noble
was a very successful corporation with a large chain of bookstores. They have
675 locations in every state of the U.S. and 686 college bookstores with 6.8
billion assets. In 2012 to 2013, they were facing with the most difficult
challenge that burned up billion dollars.

There are two
reasons that bring the company downward: lack of planning and leadership skill.
Barnes & Noble has been focusing to compete with the competitors that lead
to the forgetting their main responsibility. That are serve and listen to their
customers’ value. In the 1990s, they published their website two years after
Amazon went live. They had an opportunity to make their website went early in
many years, but they engrossed beating Borders. In 2001, Barnes & Noble
introduced a new early e-readers in online store. However, this was a bad luck
on September 11. They stopped selling it in 2003. Until 2007, Amazon introduced
Kindle, they started to rush themselves. All of these caused by lack of
planning. Barnes & Noble should be a successful company with newest ideas,
but they are un-plan and unpredictable.

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William Lynch, a
chief executive of Barnes & Noble joined to Barnes & Noble as a president
of online business in 2009. When he introduced Nook, the color e-reader looked
nice and worked well. This made Lynch had more believe and confident to his new
version which competes with the iPad. At this time, employees had to work crazy
in Silicon Valley. Barnes & Noble’s employees didn’t care what going
outside of the company because they don’t have time to do so. Their employees
stressed and some of the private information were disclosed. Their advantages
were lost, and investors required more in the deal of investments. Lynch is a
stubborn person. He listens, but he makes his own decisions that don’t fit with
the internal and external customers. Late 2012, he said that he doesn’t really
read the physical books that much. He too focuses on his interest without
understand what other people need.

Based on my point
of view, there are three steps that could save the company. First, the
bookstore locations are a strength of Barnes & Noble. Amazon and Apple
don’t have that many physical stores. Customers like to come in to touch at the
physical books, so Barnes & Noble should focus on their bookstores first.
Reduce some of the prices to match with Walmart and other retailers.
Personally, I don’t want to buy any school supplies from them because the
prices are high. Second, discuss about voice of customers to learn what internal
and external customers need to create their satisfactions. Third, determine
plans and purposes to reduce the gaps of time and money, such as short-term and
long-term goals.

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