Banning of Cigarettes Essay

Banning tobacco products has been very popular for more than one hundreds year and still we are seeking when or how to stop this. Americans used cigarettes, cigar and other tobacco products more than any other. I personally smoke cigarettes and I intended that smoking should be banned not only for others but also for my benefits. I know smoking is hard to stop when you started it, it is because of its content; nicotine. Banning Smoking may reduce one’s smoking excessively because he or she will not be able to smoke as much as they used to and start to reduce their tobacco addiction.

Because of this possibility, people would go extra miles just to get satisfied of their addiction, no matter how much will it cost for them. For being said, individuals have much more chances of quitting if they were given lesser opportunity to smoke. There is nicotine in every cigarette that an individual cannot resist. The power of that nicotine is so addictive that only few got a chance to quit successfully. Smoking in my field of work is not advisable. As a soldier; need to be alert 24/7.

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We do a lot of things like running, carrying loads in our back, doing physical things every day in which we have to meet certain standards. Smoking does lessen somebodies capabilities to do all that stuff. It lower smokers lung strength to running and they can feel that with a Nicotine surrounds the lungs prevent them from breathing normally. Some states already started banning cigarette smoking to protect the health of the masses. In fact, more states and local cities started giving ordinances and prohibitions on smoking in public area.

One of the leading causes of preventable death in United States is the tobacco products, it kills nearly thousands of Americans each year. They were saying that smoking is such a harmful activity and should be removed and banned, and then there are many other activities that should be banned due to the fact that this would affect a lot of people. Some of these activities include riding a motorcycle, and skydiving. If we are going to look back in history, alcohol was banned and prohibited n all public places. Many people failed because some areas still selling and go to consume alcohol. So if smoking were banned in all public places, some people still would not follow and would still smoke. Smoking is a preventable death, so why not take advantage of this and help save a lot of people.

This would also make the air clearer and enable individuals that have breathing condition to get out and about not to worry of coming in contact with all the smoke that is filling the air today. Federal Government does not want to ban tobacco. The Office on Smoking and Health reports there are 46,824,000 adult smokers in the United States providing an annual net tax revenue from cigarettes of $5,586,000,000. Tobacco will continue to be grown and cigarettes will continue to be sold. The difference, they hope, is that tobacco will be grown only by large corporate growers whom they can control rather than by smaller independent family farms” (aloud, 2009).