Authority, Responsibility and Accountability Essay

My topic for this essay is authority, responsibility and accountability. The reason I choose these topics is because they are great qualities to have in a person. You gain these three traits when you’re a follower, once you have these traits you become a good leader. the only way to have good authority is with responsibility an accountability

Accountability to me means admitting that you have faults and make mistakes but you are willing to own up to your faults, but in most peoples point of view it might mean something more like, willing to accept your actions or to take the consequences of failure. Accountability is important to me because it shows you know what’s right and wrong. If you know what’s right you would fess up to what you have done, if your wrong you let it slide and let someone else take the blame for you.

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Responsibility means to carry on a given task to a successful conclusion, but in my own words it means is to do the right thing even if nobodies looking or knowing you’ll be accountable to what happens. having responsibility in this program is important because to be a leader you have to do the right thing not for looks or credibility but because its right and will help the program move forward.

The role of authority can only be achieved through responsibility and accountability, if you don’t have these your leader ship is question by your superiors an more importantly your follower. I say your follower are so important because they re the future they lean from what this taught “ lead by example”. Authority in Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (MCJROTC) is very important, I say this because our superiors in the class are what were learning from now and if they don’t have good authority what makes anyone think their followers will.

While these traits individually will make a good person all three of these traits together will make a great leader. Which bring me to why I think these three traits are important to be taught at MCJROTC.