Are We “Prisoners of the Progress”? Essay

Technology has caused us to be less direct and social then our predecessors. Back in the 90’s, when a 10-year old boy wanted to play video games with his friend, he’d go to his friend’s house to play or they’d go to his house to play. Now all children need to do is have a good internet connection and they’d play with their friends without their friends being physically there. Technology has made our generation lazy, indirect, and it has aided in many crimes. It has even harmed some people’s health. Since personal computers were introduced, the number of people living in North America that are overweight or obese has increased.

There are people who literally live in front of their computer. They sleep in a chair in front of their computer. They have a refrigerator within arm’s reach of their PC’s and they rarely ever get any exercise. It’s no wonder they’re 125 lb. overweight. The use of technology has even gone as far as to harm our insides. The study of this is called Ergonomics. When one slouches while using a computer or uses a computer mouse for too long, they can develop an MSI (musculoskeletal injury). One common form of an MSI is carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Any if not all MSI’s can be avoided by following the simple rules of Ergonomics, but of course, not everyone is aware these rules exist. Many people believe think that technology is harmless. The use of the Internet has caused many children (aged8-11) to be murdered. It has also aided in many rapes, robberies, and other criminal activities. Some believe to stop these crimes, they have got to stay away from the Internet completely, but that isn’t the answer. People have got to use the Internet more wisely. We have got to smarten up.

However, technology has also helped us in many ways. For one, the use of the Internet has allowed communicating with family and friends to become more efficient than ever before. Another thing technology has done for us is entertain us in ways our ancestors couldn’t imagine. Without technology, the world would be a dark place. It has become more & more apparent that the progress of technology has both negatively and positively affected our everyday lives. But we shouldn’t say we are “prisoners of the progress” because the harm coming out of the progress can be avoided.

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