Architecture architecture such a satisfying career. Tourists

is both the procedure and invention of development, scheming and building
structures and any other constructions. Architectural workings that materialize
in the form of structures are mostly distinguished as artistic representation
and as works of art. Studying architecture has always been my dream since I
love drawing and architecture is one of the ways I can truly express my art. Architecture
is a form of art. Every structure constructed is an expression of the ideas and
expectations of the architect. Even though it is equally essential to meet the
required expectations of the customers, nonetheless, the general appearance,
blueprint and sense of the job should be a general product of the creativity;
this makes architecture such a satisfying career.

travel all over the world to get a look at attractive sights such as prominent
architectural sights on a daily basis. Examples of iconic structures include
Big Ben, Taj Mahal and The Great Pyramid of Giza. Architecture allows one’s art
to be seen on a daily basis since it is outside and recognized by a lot of
people. Additionally, architecture is such a high-paying career, although the
initial years of the career are spent interning and gaining experience, once
one gets advanced with a remarkable portfolio, the better the pay becomes.

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With an architectural
background, the future can only be bright. Architectural education prepares a
person for future opportunities in different ways. Doing an industrial
attachment to complete part of the course work aids in preparing one to grow an
understanding of practices in architecture and its industry. Additionally,
industrial placements enable one to generate some connections which can be used
in the future and also help in building confidence and abilities. Architecture
keeps on growing tremendously with more companies being brought up. On
completion of studies, architects can work as designers in construction
companies. While working in a company, a designer is expected to help customers
by pitching them his or her ideas in such a way that the outlook, funds and the
time the construction will take balance. The majority of employment
opportunities normally come from the government corporations, for example The
Archeological Department or National Institute of Urban affairs and many more. In
case an individual prefers self-employment, they can also work independently
and make an earning through consultations. From this, it is clear the future
can only get better with architectural background.

To better inform
myself on architecture, I have been doing research and learnt of different
software that architects use at work. I have introduced myself to some
including archicard. Using this software, I can have been drawing simple
structures as I wait to learn more at school. I have also been practicing
freehand drawing which I believe is important throughout the career. I have
also been going through different designs by great architects to familiarize
myself with different design models