Animals warm clothing. They can provide this

Animals are often mistreated unfairly. They are repeatedly put in places with harmful environments and are usually kept until death. While animals provide entertainment and deeper knowledge about humans, people should not reply on animals for entertainment and human resources because many animals suffer from mental disorders. Although there is one law regarding animal abuse, there is still an active occurance of animal cruelty. Animals are often used for clothing but these animals were most likely kept in captivity where the environment had bad hygiene. They are kept in very small cages with other animals that are very unsanitary. They usually have to urinate in the cages which can burn their lungs and eyes, and often do not get protection from harsh weather. For example, in the winter, the water bottle freeze, so they often got dehydrated. They also are not properly fed and are often given food that humans do not eat. Even though animals are often kept in harsh environments, they are still frequently used to make warm clothing. They can provide this heat because they were used to keep animals warm from severe weather, but wool, fleece, cotton, and corduroy are all great alternatives and can provide great features that animal fur doesn’t. We also love going to zoos and aquariums to look at animals, but they are actually kept in places that do not provide a good environment for all animals and is often put in a place where they can not live normally like other wild animals. For example, elephants usually walk up to fifty kilometers per day and travels with thirty tofourty other elephants, but in zoos, they are usually given a couple acres of land and are with a few other elephants. This problems is also frequent for other animals like giraffes. They also cannot hunt or mate like they would usually. Some people do like to got to zoos for entertainment for or maybe even for educational purposes. Even though zoos can teach us more about animals, rescue habitats can provide better information about animals, does not mistreat them, and are only kept for medical purposes unlike many zoos and aquariums. Animals kept in captivity can also develop many behaviour problems. These behaviour problems can include things such as stress, depression, and/or zoochosis. Zoochosis is when an animal has a behavioural pattern with no reason or purpose. Symptoms of zoochosis include bar biting, neck twisting, pacing, and vomiting. This can all be caused by an unnatural habitat, social group, control, and caging. People might also thing zoos and aquariums help endangered animals, but one of the main causes of endangered animals are humans. Animal experimentation is one of the most frequent causes of death of animals. But what most people do not know know is that these testings are not always accurate. Many things like a human’s physiology, anatomy, and metabolism make it hard to provide accurate testings that would positively or negatively influence humans and animals. For example, penicillin is toxic to guinea pigs, but is used as medicine for humans. Morphine also causes hypo-excitement on cats but clams humans. Paul Futog, a professor at Aston University, stated, “It’s very hard to create an animal model that equates closely to what we’re trying to achieve in humans”. Although it is proven mice are genetically, biologically, and behaviour wise, similar to humans, it is proven, by the National Institutes of Health, that ninety-five percent of drugs that were safe on animals are non effective oh humans. Instead researchers can use In Vitro testing. This is human cells from organs on slides that can be tested on. This can harm less animals and give more accurate results for humans. Proper animal treatment will reduce the amount of animals with behavioural disorders and deaths. Animals do have feelings and emotions just like humans because they are living things too. They can be influenced by everything around us and can eventually develop mental disorders like humans. Even though animals can have great benefits towards humans, we can still have great benefits without relying on animals.