Amazon.Com Essay

Address the uses of Amazon. com databases; possible data management issues; and the relationship amongst Amazon’s data, information and knowledge. Amazon has one of the largest product information databases in the world. It includes a countless number of products, customers, and orders into the millions. It also includes data about payment types, visitor’s browsing histories, and other things on those lines. The products contained within include reviews, rankings, and price information from other sellers.

Because Amazon’s site is a research tool, consumers use the database even when they don’t plan on purchasing anything. Some of those advantages include comparing products, reading reviews, and checking prices. In addition, by using Amazon’s filtering system they can find similar products to the ones that they were interested in. One possible issue involving data management would be the same types of products or the close comparisons of those products. Amazon customers often confuse the interface for reviews of the seller and reviews of the product, leading to the content getting mixed up.

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Amazon’s data comes from all the transactions that take place. It’s a mix of inventory, customer information, and the biggest part, sales. There are forms that customers use to keep track of all of their order history and other information of that nature. The management of information is such an important part of Amazon’s business that the particulars have to be covered daily, weekly, and monthly by upper executives simply to be sure the correct decisions are being made towards the flow of products without any mishaps.

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