Altitude: as well as its atmosphere. We


Altitude is how far above the horizon we need to look for an object (0 to 90º). Something straight above from the perspective of the observer would have an altitude of 0 degrees.

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Azimuth is the measurement from north to south based on where the observer is. If looking in the direction of North you would be looking at 0 degrees.

Why we care about this information:

By studying star and planetary patterns we may be able to learn more about earth and we will gain a different perspective of the solar system. By using Altitude and Azimuth to determine locations of objects in space we will be able to more easily gain a more well-rounded perspective on the universe.

How to locate objects in space:

To locate a star, you must first calculate the altitude from the observer’s position

Instrument for finding altitude and azimuth:

A Theodolite is a surveying instrument. It can be used to measure vertical and horizontal angles. They can be used for many tasks but some of their most specialized tasks can include meteorology and rocket launch.


Terms defined in section 1:

Horizontal – Parallel to the horizon (a sideways line).

Vertical – A right angle to the horizon (a straight up and down line).

Meteorology – A branch of science focusing on the atmosphere.




Spectral Analysis:

Spectral analysis can also be called spectroscopy and it is analyzing matter based on its properties. Spectral analyses of stars can tell us what the star is made of as well as its atmosphere. We also use the Doppler effect to guide us using spectroscopy.


One technology is called a spectrometer and it can be used to show: chemical and biological properties and processes.


Doppler affect/red shift:








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