All of My Sons Essay

Money is valued more than relationships, throughout the play All My Sons. A setting of unsavory arise as the drive for money, allows relationships to unravel. The compulsion of money becomes crucial in the sacrifice for a suburban life. Affirming a debilitated view of the importance of the necessity of money. Money plays the role of disconnecting and disbanding relationships throughout the play. Joe Keller is the biggest example, as he ruins his relationship with both his friend and family for the regard of money.

He is so consumed by money he ultimately allows his partner Steve to take the blame for the death of twenty-one men who lost their lives due to the cracked cylinder heads Joe deported. Joe also manages to ruin his relationship with his youngest son Chris Keller. When his son finally finds out his father is guilty of knowingly shipping out the cracked cylinder heads, he says to his father “What the hell do you mean you did it for me? Don’t you have a country? Don’t you live in the world?

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What the hell are you? You’re not even an animal, no animal kills his own, what are you? What must I do? ”(p. 70). This showing Chris’s recognition of discuss toward his father and the unravel of their father and son relationship. Money is viewed as crucial to the character’s in their cede for a suburban life. Jim Bayliss a successful doctor in the play, frustrated with the stifling domesticity of his life. He wants to become a medical researcher, but continues his job due to the fact that it pays best.

Joe Keller as mentioned before is also a character who risks a lot for money and also for the suburban life. Joe Keller had absolutely no intension in owning up to his mistake of shipping out the faulty cylinder heads. He was so focused on growing his business, and making more money that he was willing to risk the lives of others for the suburban life. Sue Bayliss also held an unhealthy understanding of money. She was the reason for her husband staying in his job position. She didn’t want to lower their income,and move out of the suburban life they reside in.

She had rather risk her husband’s happiness for higher pay, which demeans the imperative of money. Characters become consumed in the necessity of money to detain their suburban life styles. The consumption of money soon manages to mess up relationships throughout the play. Jeopardizing relationships for the necessity of money shows how unhealthy most of the characters in this play have on the view of money. Almost no character holds a healthy understanding of the necessity of money jeopardizing their relationships for money.