Accommodation is the main product Essay

1.1 Introduction:

Accommodation is the main product of any hotel and the main operating department in majority of hotels is room division. It is the most vital and in some cases visible area of hotel. Room division is considered as the ” nerve center” for most of hotel’s operation. Room division is determined as important department in working process of a hotel. This is the first department contact with guest, contribute to the profit and whole revenue. This is the main responsible area for the hotel product, the sleeping room. According to the U.S Lodging Industry 1995, about ( 62.2 ) of hotels revenues generated from room division department. It is said in hotel industry ” Everything Begins with the Room Division”.(Ismail, 2002 , p.97) According to Rutherford (2007, P.176), the room department is a combination of Front desk and Housekeeping. Room division department also includes Reservation, Night audit, Uniformed services and loss prevention/ security services.

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1.2 Types of Accommodation Establishment:

1) Hotel
2) Bed and Breakfast
3) Budge Hotel
4) Motels
5) Guest Accommodation
6) Lodges
7) Self-Catering
8) Serviced Apartment
9) Pubs with rooms to let
10) H0liday Parks
11) Holiday Village
12) Hostels
13) Individual Caravan Rentals
14) Hire Craft and Hotel Boat
15) Cruise ships
16) Charlets
18) Home stay
19) Farm stay
20) Camping ground
21) Boutique accommodation

1.3 Accommodation and Front office services for different organizations:

Depending on the size of the business accommodation and front offices services vary from organization to organization. For example, there are different types of accommodation services found in hotels and restaurants such i.e * Rooms for overnight stay:

The main reason people go to hotel or others accommodation providing establishment is for staying overnight and most of the accommodation provider have this service. * Restaurant and food services:

Most of the hotel have their own restaurant and 24 hours food services for their customers i.e Hilton, Holiday inn * Conference and event facilities:
Most of the specialized hotel (Hilton, Raddision ) have conference and event facilities for their customers. A conference centre often also provides office facilities, and range of leisure activities. * Recreation and leisure:

In most of the hotel have recreation and leisure centre like, swimming pool,
Tennis ground, garden, for their customers * Laundry and cleaning services:
Laundry and cleaning service are the key services provided by the accommodation department in any hotel. There are some accommodation establishment who dont provide laundry sevices like pubs with room to let, camping ground. * Butler and concierge services:

A Butler is a professional who supervises and coordinates activities of household employees engaged in cooking, cleaning etc. and a concierge is an employee who serves guest, * Entertainment
For the better customer satisfaction most of the hotel have dance floor within the hotel. And a dance floor ultimately to maximize hotel’s revenue. Some of the hotel also have speciality shop e,g flower shop, chocolate bar.

The front office services for hotels and restaurants can also be divided into several segment which include bell service, room allocation services, concierge, information and mails, night auditors, issuing keys, processing advance reservation and cashiers. In general, clients or guest are provided comfortable, welcoming, attractive and clean services by accommodation department ( Lewry, 2012, p.2). apart from the hotel related organizations ,there are other organizations like learning institutions offer accommodation and front office services as well. For example, most of the colleges and universities in UK offer accommodation information of hostels. Booking, administration and communication services are provided by accommodation department of these institutions, on the other hand front office services include cashiers, enquiries, and room allocation services.

1.4 Front office services in different organization:

Front office is one of the departments within the room division. within the different departments of hotel, guest first contact with front office, Front desk, cashier, mail and information sections of the front office are located in the busiest area of the hotel’s lobby. The most visible point of activity in within the front office is front desk. Front desk manager help guest to register, assign and check out at the front desk. Front office services in accommodation providing establishment are given below.

* sell guestroom:
As majority of the hotel revenue comes from selling room, the core task of front office department is to sell guest room as many as possible. *Register guest and design guest room:

When a guest comes to any hotel, first task of front office manager is to register guest. During registration process, front desk manager should ask for some information like, guest’s 1) Full name

2) Date of birth
3) Nationality
4) Purpose of stay
5)And photo identification
After finishing registration process, concierge department show the guest his room and takes the luggage to guest room. *coordinating guest services:

Front desk manager must have close communication among house keeping and reservation department to ensure better services of guest. *Provide general information and specific information:

Front office department provide information to guest like,
Size of the room,
Number of Bed,
Facilities in the room,
Prices of room,
Time of check in and out,
and rules and regulation,
Specific information like, weather guest need extra services like Pick up, visa related concern. Other services of front office are,
1)Maintaining guest account statements and complete proper.

3)Accounting( making payments and billing)
4)Checking out guest
5)Processing advance reservation.

1.5 Analyse the roles and responsibilities of a range of accommodation services staff:

There are range of roles and responsibilities found in accommodation services. A brief description of roles and responsibilities provided by the accommodation services staff is given below. Structure:

Executive Housekeeper
Deputy Exec Housekeeper
Linen Keeper
Line attendants
Floor Supervisor
Room Attendants
Public Area Attendants
Cloak room Attendants
*Executive housekeeper:
Executive house keeper is determined to manage day to day operation of the house keeping department and coordinate communication with front desk. *Deputy Executive Housekeeper:
The main duty of Deputy Executive Housekeeper is to ensure that all the guest rooms are neat and clean.

*Linen keeper& linen attendant:
Linen keeper’s works is to ensure adequate supply of linen and towel is always on hand. (knowless,1998,)

1.6 Analyse the roles and responsibilities of a range of accommodation and reception services staff:

There are different departments in front office and have many functions as well( Lewry, p.2).For example, Raddision in North Luton is a hotel and restaurant located in the UK. In this hotel, different types duties belongs to different personnel and authority.

* Front office manager:

The front office manager of Raddision Luton is determined to ensure high quality of services for the the customer ( Bardl, 2011, p.62). The services includes plans, controls, and direct all operating expenses together related to revenue(Bradl, 2011, p.62). some of the regular task of front office manager is given below 1) duty chart of every staff made by him,

2)He ensure the proper upkeep, staff cleanness, punctuality and efficiency by his staff in his department. 3) He directly supervise the front desk, reservation, concierge, furthermore he is concerned to help the room division manager in compiling information for reports. 4) front office manager also reports to the general manager/ room division about the progression of front desk and other related activities.

* Front desk agent / receptionist:

1) Report to front office manager about whole work done by him 2) A receptionist’s primary work is to receive and welcome the guest, enquire his requirements and room him. 2) Register the guest,
3) helping guest to complete registration.
4) A receptionist is the first personnel who represent the hotel through out the guest stay and over telephone. 4) a receptionist must be sales minded and need to work closely with other departments of the hotel. 5) A receptionist keeps records of guest stay and receive the money after settling bill.

* Reservation agent:

A Reservation agent is who deals with customers to book a room over telephone or stay, roles and responsibilities of a reservation agent are, 1) Report to front office manager about the number of room booked. 2) Allocating the room to a guest.

3) He is responsible to create and maintain reservation records. 4) After confirming the arrival list a reservation agent inform the receptionist.

* Front office Cashier:

A front office cashier is the person who is responsible for handling financial deals with the guest. a range of roles and responsibilities of a front office cashier are,

1) Receiving payment from the guest to settle their bills,
2) Looking after the safe deposit vault,
3) Checking the petty cash float, operating and maintaining cash registers and billing machines, 4) post of vouchers into the individual bills,

* switchboard operator:

1) switchboard operator answers the calls and distributes calls to the appropriate extensions if needed. 2) places wake-up calls.

* Concierge:
To make a perfect restaurant reservation, concierge helps guest. Besides, this department assist guest arranging transportation, and getting tickets for events like, theater sporting, movies, and so on.

* Guest service personnel:

Guest services personnel are those who are determined to great guest who arrive in the hotel, they also help guest to find out front desk to meat up formalities needs to be done at front desk. furthermore they are responsible showing room to the guest and help guest to take their luggage to the room( Lewry, 2012).

* Night Auditor:

Night Auditor is a part of front office department and concerned to report to
front office manager or accounting department

1.7 Legal and statutory requirements that apply to rooms division operations:

Several anti-trust laws help prevent business coercion and preserving competition through regulating the business operations. The law require that the hotel operators need to agree on the scope in relation to operations as well as terms of room provision, rates and conditions of the business together with uniforms (Andrews, 2009, p.338) Moreover, the room allocation law hold or counts the innkeepers responsible for the guests’ property. However, this law has an extent to which it applies since the innkeeper can provide statute which can govern the law and protect him/her as well as the other employees in matters concerning theft. Generally, the work of the innkeeper is to ensure maximum security for the belongings of the guests. Therefore every hotel and restaurant should facilitate enough security to protect the welfare of the guests and their luggage. The hospitality law also covers bailment. Bailment entails delivery of a property item with expressed purpose or with the expectation that the property will return from the recipient in a good or in same condition like it were before. In this case, the guest room attendants are bound by the law to ensure the guests of security of their property. According to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all employees must receive information, instruction, training, to ensure health and safety whilst at work. furthermore this law also say, ( sprenger, 2012, p. 8) Employee must:

1) ensure, as far as is reasonably practiseable, the health safety and welfare of all employees and provide suitable facilities for this. 2) carry out risk assessments.
3) appoint competent person.

1.8 Evaluate services provided by the rooms division in a range of hospitality businesses: Reservation:
Reservation in big hotel is the first service whereby the guests communicate with the hotel attendants. Reservation is done through several methods which include through telephone where the guests communicate to book for
accommodation (Andrews, 2009, p.338). In this case, the guest’s service personnel are responsible for booking services. However, in large and international hotels and restaurants, a reservation system is provided where guests can book for accommodation. The reservation systems can be located in different regions but due to the advance in technology, the procedure has been simplified since the guests can use some programs to perform the task. Booking of accommodation can also be done via the internet through the websites of big hotels like Hilton Inn Luton North. The internet even provides easy communication channel.

In conclusion, Rooms department is very important in the promotion plans of hotel. It affects the profit and needs an appropriate strategy for the operation. Therefore, the manager must have necessary skills to adapt the current problems of hotel and flexible in solving.